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Financial Services Series: Four Ways to Find Savings and Reduce Opex Now

The IT landscape in Financial Services is changing rapidly. Regardless if they want to be industry leaders, fast followers of reactors, the ever-spreading cost base for Financial Services Companies leaves less budget available for capital investments in new technology, driving a vicious cycle of increased operating cost. In the drive to enact transformational change, Financial Services Companies should seek out the benefit from low hanging fruit to reduce current Opex. According to a PwC Global FinTech survey, 81% of CEOs are concerned about the speed of technology change, which is more than any other industry sector. Thousands of startups ...

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SolarWinds Breach: Three Lessons You Need to Heed

What do the Pentagon, the U.S. State Department, The White House, the NSA, all five branches of the US military, the top ten U.S. telecommunications companies, and four hundred twenty-five of the Fortune 500 all have in common? Given the title of this article, you already have a clue, which is that they are all SolarWinds customers. Those are just some of the higher profile organizations, but in all there are 300k SolarWinds customers around the world, with about 18k identified as impacted. The impact of this breach is so far and deep, the actual repercussions will not be fully understood for years potentially. However, we don’t have to wait ...

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Supplier Profits and 5 Year End Sales Tactics They Use Against You (updated for 2020!)

The end of year mania is underway as sales professionals from some of the largest tech companies on the planet try to capture and fill their Q4 quota.  When such a substantial portion of a sales rep’s income rests on their ability to separate company dollars from your budget, it’s no wonder we often witness such unbridled aggression this time of year.  It can be personally traumatic for salespeople as they sit in their weekly (sometimes daily) sales meetings with their respective teams, while management tears apart their sales opportunities and deals often in front of their peers with questions like: What is the status of deal x/update on ...

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AWS Outage: Plan Ahead to Avoid Future Catastrophe

AWS experienced a significant outage on November 21st, 2020 that impacted customers located in one (US-East-1) of AWS’ 23 geographic regions. The region was significant however, given the number of companies that publicly stated their issues via social media channels: Coinbase Glassdoor iRobot – impacted home app which, according to LinkedIn security employee, effected his ability to vacuum home Roku Vonage The Washington Post Ring doorbells started not working And more… According to a report by ZDnet, AWS attributed the outage “to errors with its Kinesis data-streaming service. While many of the impacted services don't use AWS Kinesis, ...

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Oracle Sales Silos: How They Work Against You

Matt Ryan
Oct. 28,2020 | Insider Oracle Sales

Now that we are quickly approaching Oracle’s H1 fiscal end (Nov 30), the time is right to revisit Oracle behaviors that can impact your bottom line in ways you may not have thought of previously, or at least haven’t had to think about in a long time. With COVID-19, remote workforce issues, and the myriad of other distractions facing organizations now, it is easy to forget how we can slowly be taken advantage of by suppliers. One of these areas of concern is around the increased cost, hassle, disorganization, and general anger created by Oracle’s siloed sales team(s). With the multitude of competing interests from one company vying for your ...

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Microsoft: Security and Compliance Driving Increased Consolidation (and cost)

Scott Braden
Oct. 28,2020 |

Pre-COVID, the worldwide climate of increasing regulatory compliance and associated requirements, was already forcing a more stringent approach to security of data and Intellectual Property protection.  With that heightened environment, Microsoft’s “365” series of enterprise cloud app bundles, has been winning increased investment and spend from clients and enterprises worldwide.  COVID-19 and the rapid switch to remote / home-based workforces has only accelerated that trend.  Clients have told us that although they are aware of, and often have already deployed, competing solutions they are happy with for compliance, governance and security ...

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Cloud Benefits: Diminished or Eliminated Without Governance

In the ‘race to the cloud’, many organizations are not realizing the promised cost benefits of moving to their infrastructure to the cloud. In fact, many are finding that they are spending far more than they anticipated. While Organizations should save 15% or more by moving to the cloud infrastructure, a 2020 report[1] shows that realizing these savings is not straightforward: 80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) budgets, due to a lack of cost optimization approaches. 45% of organizations that perform lift-and-shift to cloud Infrastructure, without optimization analysis, will overprovision up to ...

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Cloud Cost Optimization: Moving Mountains With Shovels

The front lines of the Cloud Cost Optimization battle are not going well for many. Sadly, the worst part of the story is, that most don’t even know it yet. As Cloud investments go deeper and broader throughout corporate computing environments, so too is the waste and damage to IT budgets. I’ve been in IT long enough to witness hundreds of companies implement and manage thousands of different environments with hundreds of various suppliers. Suffice it to say, I’ve been around. So, when I tell you that waste and overspend on Cloud are at frightening levels, you should pay attention when I share why, and what you might be able to do about it. ...

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Microsoft Alert: September Outage and What You Should Know

Microsoft’s cloud services experienced a significant outage yesterday.  There were reports that Microsoft’s efforts to repair the problem affected some customers for more than 6 hours.  We are not yet aware of any customer data that was lost. Microsoft customers from all over the world reported significant issues with access to critical functions.  In the United States, several 911 Emergency reporting facilities from Atlanta, Georgia to Tucson, Arizona were down.  In addition to emergency services, virtual learning in colleges and public schools took a major hit as students, teachers, and administrators all over North America were forced to ...

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Five Ways Your Cloud Gets Wasted

Michael Welsh
Aug. 26,2020 |

There are a couple ways to interpret the title of this article, and neither are necessarily wrong. The more appropriate context is meant to convey the various ways in which cloud utilization is sub optimized and therefore getting wasted. Taken another way however, you could interpret your Cloud as a living breathing entity that has overindulged in mind altering substances and is currently out of control.   If we’re really being honest, neither description is wrong as a generalized assessment of enterprise cloud utilization and spend. According to multiple research reports, company executives are projected to: Waste $17B in the Cloud as an ...

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