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NetSuite in The Modern Enterprise

Introduction Increasingly, we are seeing NetSuite encroach into the enterprise space. What was once thought of as a web-based mini-ERP for SMBs is now a serious platform contender for major organizations.  NetSuite Customers Companies such as Accenture, Audi, Bearing Point, The Boston Globe, Ceridian, Cornerstone, Kronos, Nestlé, Siemens, SoftwareAG, Solar Winds, T-Mobile, Tableau, and Wells Fargo all use NetSuite. NetSuite claims to be the #1 Cloud-based ERP, offering a unified suite of web-based applications that encompasses HR, ERP, CRM, SCM, PSA, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, and Financials, among other areas. As a cloud-native ...

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Like a Bad Hangover, Did You Wake Up in 2022 Budgeting Season and Wonder Where Your Money was Spent?

Like a party no one wanted to go to, the COVID pandemic dragged many IT Executives into (over) spending on technology that was not planned for. In the frenetic pace to ‘keep the lights on’, expenditures were made without the scrutiny they may have normally received pre-COVID. Supporting all the work from anywhere (WFA) initiatives including conferencing, PCs, and remote access software and hardware were all added to the mission critical initiatives already underway, like digital transformation and cloud migrations siphoning money away from those other priorities. As you start planning for your 2022 budgets, you may just now be realizing and ...

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Cloud Migration Lock-In: Risk to be Avoided

Supplier lock-in has been a major issue with savvy decision makers for many years, and with good reason. Allowing your company to be overly subjugated to a specific supplier (often with little control of the situation) often turns into a monopolistic relationship. The script gets flipped and rather than exercising your buyer power, you become the passive party, beholden to any changes in terms and conditions having little power to stop it. Unfortunately, with the exodus from data centers to the cloud, companies are now finding themselves being locked-in to AWS, Azure or Google with their increased need for cloud flexibility and scalability ...

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AWS Market Update and 2021 Market Forecast

Cloud is an integral part of almost every company's strategic technology portfolio.  As legacy migrations continue and cloud spend increases across every industry, its never been more critical to understand both your specific cloud investments, and the suppliers (AWS) that drive them.  Only those that fully understand these market dynamics will enjoy the competitive advantage that comes with informed insight.  Conversely, those who fail to comprehend their waste, overspend and the market dynamics behind it, are doomed to escalating spend, blown budgets, and lagging transformation efforts. Below we give you that market insight, updates on AWS ...

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Cloud Benefits: Diminished or Eliminated Without Governance

In the ‘race to the cloud’, many organizations are not realizing the promised cost benefits of moving to their infrastructure to the cloud. In fact, many are finding that they are spending far more than they anticipated. While Organizations should save 15% or more by moving to the cloud infrastructure, a 2020 report[1] shows that realizing these savings is not straightforward: 80% of organizations will overshoot their cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) budgets, due to a lack of cost optimization approaches. 45% of organizations that perform lift-and-shift to cloud Infrastructure, without optimization analysis, will overprovision up to ...

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Cloud Cost Optimization: Moving Mountains With Shovels

The front lines of the Cloud Cost Optimization battle are not going well for many. Sadly, the worst part of the story is, that most don’t even know it yet. As Cloud investments go deeper and broader throughout corporate computing environments, so too is the waste and damage to IT budgets. I’ve been in IT long enough to witness hundreds of companies implement and manage thousands of different environments with hundreds of various suppliers. Suffice it to say, I’ve been around. So, when I tell you that waste and overspend on Cloud are at frightening levels, you should pay attention when I share why, and what you might be able to do about it. ...

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