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Healthcare IT optimization requires IT contract expertise. The healthcare industry is a large, complex network of primary and secondary care facilities, hospitals, medical professionals, emergency care, pharmacies and tertiary organizations; all of which have their own IT requirements for treatment and administration. With all the focus on reducing healthcare costs, it may surprise you to learn that healthcare organizations actually pay more for technology than any other industry. Our analysis shows healthcare organizations pay an average 17% more than that of the other 29 Industries we sampled, and 33% more than the industry with the lowest average costs.

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Top 12 Reasons Why: Healthcare Providers Pay WAY TOO Much for IT

Why Healthcare Organizations Pay a Premium for IT:

  • Focus on Patient Care & Safety over all else
  • Single purpose technology purchasing
  • Healthcare reacts to rising costs differently than most
  • Industry specific supplier programs
  • Healthcare organizations are not as diligent in negotiations
  • Healthcare systems can be difficult to automate
  • Use of consortiums for major IT purchases 
  • Government regulations and oversight 
We would expect an information intensive industry like healthcare to demand considerably more technology investment from every dollar spent to power critical patient care as well as manage organizational decisions. But not at this level and not at this scope. Healthcare organizations pay more for all types of technology from Lawson financial applications, to Microsoft desktop productivity licenses, to Cisco networking equipment, to IBM servers, to EMC storage arrays, and so on. The breadth of scope of this “healthcare premium” indicates that this is not an industry-specific difference for one type of technology unique to healthcare, but rather a general all-technology premium.
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