Banking and Financial Services

Funding Digital Transformation

Traditional banks and financial services institutions are quickly losing market share to non-traditional players.  Partly as a result, digitalization is now a critical imperative for most of our financial services clients. 

Many of our banking and financial services clients who are pursuing a full digital transformation are seeing improvements in EBITDA of more than 40%, and about two-thirds of this value comes from the impact of the digitalization efforts on costs and loss prevention rather than from revenue uplift.

The Challenges With Digital Transformation:

  • Cyber Security
  • Web Banking (24/7)
  • Mobility & Access Demands
  • New Regulatory Requirements
  • Changing Market Demands
  • Shifting Competitive Landscape
  • Revised Fiscal & Tax Policy Changes
  • Disruption from non-banking challengers
  • Costly, Outdated and Rigid Legacy Environments 

Financial organizations must rethink their technology supply chain to transform and digitize their businesses, moving from technology laggards to innovators with a thriving technology supply chain.

For many, this is a do or die decision to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace.  However, the clients we work with indicate that in addition to the business benefits realized from digital transformation, the operational efficiencies gained far outweigh the investments required, making the decision to digitalize a 'no-brainer'.

NET(net) offers specific IT Optimization programs for banks and financial services companies designed to help maximize the economic and strategic value of the technology supply chain.

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