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How can you fund digital transformation and achieve EBITDA value improvements of 40% or greater, all while increasing the value of your agreements, investments, and relationships?

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Modern Enterprise

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Two-thirds of EBITA value improvements will come from cost reductions in your current IT landscape.

Enter NET(net) and the Modern Enterprise: We find disproportionate value and cost reductions within a risk-free engagement model, that pays for itself many times over.

Banks pay a Premium for IT Services – even when they don’t have to. Why?

  • They have a Customer Service focus: creating a positive customer experience is paramount!
  • More government regulation: more rules means more technology to comply with them.
  • Banks buy from a Supplier Oligarchy: too much spend with too few strategic suppliers
  • Insular industry practices: Many banks benchmark their spend to….other banks who are also paying too much!

How do we get it done?

There are four main areas we extract disproportionate value for Clients:

Mainframe Cost Optimization



Legacy IT Optimization

Microsoft – VMware - Oracle

Cloud Cost Optimization


Salesforce – Workday – ServiceNow and more.

Industry Specific Applications


Bloomberg - Fiserv - CGI FIS - Temenos

We average 32% Savings and Cost reductions across all categories.

We are the experts’ people in the know turn to:

CEO, Financial Services Firm on Bloomberg:

For a dozen years or more I have asked my financial, operational, and technical folks to cut by half the costs we are spending on Bloomberg, and every year I get the same answer: we can’t, because Bloomberg has a complete monopoly on our trading platforms and the information we need to access to do our jobs successfully. After reading this blog from top to bottom with great interest, you have validated many of my concerns and given me new hope that we can in fact control our Bloomberg costs. We are definitely bringing you in to help us in this area.

Read it here.

Bloomberg: Can the White Walker Ghouls of Bloomberg be Stopped?


IBM’s Diminishing Role in the Modern Enterprise


The Modern Enterprise Program


Banks and Cyber Security: The Biggest Risk is Loss of Reputation


Financial Services & Digital Transformation: Nothing to Lose but a Fortune to Gain


Banks: Four Ways to Save and Reduce Opex Now


The Case for the Digital Bank


Infographic: Why and How Banks Pay a Premium for IT

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How we work with Clients

Savings Capacity Cloud
  • Pick the amount of savings you need using our Savings Cloud Calculator
  • Work with NET(net) on where to aim our Subject Matter Experts.
  • With every completed project, draw the savings from your NET(net) Savings Cloud

Who works with NET(net)?



As a senior technology executive in a Fortune 500 environment, I’ve worked with NET(net) to optimize my investments with key technology providers, resulting in millions in savings and benefits. NET(net) helped me develop highly optimized multi-year strategies to significantly improve value to my organization. I recommend the services of NET(net) to help any organization maximize the value of its technology investments.


Lendmark Financial

Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories (Sun Tzu). Thank you NET(net) for a great experience. This is our second time being involved with a negotiation and now we're ready for the next with NET(net). Much appreciated.


Virgin Money

NCB - National Commercial Bank

Very professional services, and promises are kept!


Virgin Money

Client of Company

An engagement that provided the appropriate level of expertise to help drive value from our IT contracts, identifying opportunities we had not seen ourselves and providing the driving force and resources to execute against those value creation opportunities. A real benefit in taking a different look at our cost base. Great negotiation skills.