Optimization for Telecom Companies

NET(net) understands the unique challenges of the Telecommunications Business.  There is the constant strain of new investments, with a directive to make existing infrastructure less expensive and more productive.  Circling this construct are extremely competitive markets and regulatory pressures putting even more focus on margins and profit.  We can help optimize your Investments, Agreements and Relationships to not only relieve this pressure, but drive value back into the business.

“NET(net) has become a key partner for us in securing strategic and economic value in our key technology investments, agreements and relationships.  This is absolutely critical, particularly where we have to punch above our weight in global equipment markets.  NET(net) is very aligned to our business objectives by implementing proactive and innovative solutions in strategic sourcing and supplier management, while often exceeding our expectations.”

John Kent
Chief Financial Officer, JT Global

Five key issues NET(net) can help any Telecommunications organization optimize:

  • Large and Ongoing OPEX Costs
  • Significant CAPEX Plans
  • Downward Margin Pressure
  • Costs of Resale
  • IoT
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