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Is Your Digital Strategy 5G Ready?

We get it. You've been deluged with the advertisements on television and social media from the major wireless carriers touting their 5G roll out, with hyperbolic comparisons touting that ‘their network’ is more available and robust than the competition. Mobile phone manufacturers are pushing the availability of their devices on 5G and how life changing it will be. Articles abound from all the business forums on IoT and 5G, and what a seismic shift it will be. 5G is also propelling this notion of Industry 4.0, and how it will accelerate that process. All this promise is, well, promising. But in the real world of managing a business, growing ...

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Like a Bad Hangover, Did You Wake Up in 2022 Budgeting Season and Wonder Where Your Money was Spent?

Like a party no one wanted to go to, the COVID pandemic dragged many IT Executives into (over) spending on technology that was not planned for. In the frenetic pace to ‘keep the lights on’, expenditures were made without the scrutiny they may have normally received pre-COVID. Supporting all the work from anywhere (WFA) initiatives including conferencing, PCs, and remote access software and hardware were all added to the mission critical initiatives already underway, like digital transformation and cloud migrations siphoning money away from those other priorities. As you start planning for your 2022 budgets, you may just now be realizing and ...

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Supplier Market Update: Huawei

Many of you may be waiting and watching to see how the trade issues between China and the United States are resolved, and specifically its impact on Huawei. With current and future Telecom & Network infrastructure projects under consideration, what are the critical things to know when considering Huawei? Despite all the political turmoil for Huawei, most of it originating out of the United States, the company has quietly become one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world. Huawei expects revenue of about $100 billion annually for the next two years, compared with $105 billion in 2018 including a $30B ...

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Market Alert: ZTE Future Uncertain

The latest casualty in what some consider the emerging trade showdown between the USA and China has come in the form of ZTE, who has announced they have ceased ‘major operations’. On April 16th, 2018, the U.S. Department of Commerce banned American companies from exporting parts to ZTE. Given that 25%+ of the components that make up ZTE equipment comes from U.S. manufacturers, ZTE was forced to shut down its production lines. While most people are aware that ZTE manufactures mobile handsets, most were not fully aware that the bulk of their revenue comes from telecom exchange, optical transmission, and other tier one communications equipment. ...

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