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What You Need to Know About Oracle’s Java Licensing Changes

Fred Teekens
Apr. 26,2023 | Software Oracle Java

A significant change to Oracle's Java licensing policy was announced January 23rd 2023. The Java licensing changes are clearly designed to increase revenue for the company rather than provide for a greater or enhanced product. While most well-run businesses seek to increase revenue, with Oracle we must view with a critical eye however, as these types of initiatives typically don’t do much for the customer in the way of added value. In addition to the revenue bump these changes will impact for Oracle, they are clearly also designed to eliminate competition (also not in the customer’s favor). It is important to note that these changes do not ...

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Debunking Microsoft Part 2: Licensing & Product Terms

This is part two of an ongoing series we call Debunking Microsoft where we address the ongoing disinformation, half-truths, and mysticism surrounding its own products as it relates to Customer licensing, usage, contracts, terms, pricing, and much more.   In part one, we addressed what we frequently hear from clients which is that Microsoft has told them around using their own licenses in a cloud other than their own.  Words to the effect of... “You can’t use your existing Microsoft licenses on non-Microsoft clouds such as Amazon or Google.” In part two, we deep dive into the licensing and product use terms that many Microsoft customers get ...

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2023 Cloud Cost Series (Part 3 of 3): The Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Are Repatriating Cloud Workloads

Preface  Thank you for joining us for this 3-part series on Cloud Costs, where we explore the Top 5 Price Shock Phenomenon’s of Cloud costs, resulting in part from the Top 5 Workloads that are NOT Well Suited for the Cloud, and largely resulting in the Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Are Repatriating previously migrated Workloads from cloud deployments back on-premises: Part 1 (Feb 15): Top 5 Price Shock Phenomenon’s of Cloud Costs Part 2 (Mar 15): Top 5 Workloads that are NOT Well Suited for the Cloud Part 3 (Apr 15): Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Are Repatriating Workloads (This One) Part 3: Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Are Repatriating Workloads In ...

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Oracle 3rd Quarter Results and Your Spend Considerations Before May 31st

Oracle's financials have generally been strong in recent years with their aggressive cloud push, reporting steady growth in revenues and earnings. However, Oracle faces increasing competition from other cloud providers, particularly in the areas of IaaS and PaaS. Additionally, Oracle has been shifting its focus towards cloud-based services and away from its traditional software licensing business, which could impact its financial performance in the long-term. Read our series related to this starting with The Top 5 Price Shock Phenomena of Cloud Costs. In the very short term however, they have missed earnings targets and indicated on their ...

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2023 Cloud Cost Series (Part 2 of 3): The Top 5 Workloads NOT Well Suited for the Cloud

Preface  Thank you for joining us for Part 2 of this 3-Part series on Cloud Costs. Please reference the following 3 blogs to get the complete 2023 Cloud Cost Series:  Part 1: Feb 15: Top 5 Price Shock Phenomena of Cloud  Part 2: Mar 15: Top 5 Workloads that are NOT Well Suited for the Cloud  Part 3: Apr 15: Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Are Repatriating Workloads  Part 2: Top 5 Workloads NOT Well Suited for The Cloud  Introduction  Since the mid-2000s, clients have been migrating workloads to the cloud with increasing frequency, but recently, we have seen clients start to repatriate previously migrated workloads back on-premises, due in no small ...

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NET(net)'s Top 10 Ways to Save on Mainframe: Part 1 of 10 Part Series

Preface: Thank you for joining us for this 10-part series to discuss the Top 10 Ways You can Save on your Mainframe Costs in 2023.  In case you missed our first of the series, Bonus Article - #0 of 10 - click here to read that as well. Nearly all Clients are Clamoring for Savings in 2023. This is largely due to (a) rising input costs, (b) softening business forecasts, and (c) continued economic headwinds. This has caused many clients to re-evaluate spending plans and implement new cost-cutting targets. IT is the Number One Cost Savings Category of the Modern Enterprise. IT is typically the highest indirect spend area for modern enterprises ...

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Act Now: Splunk FYE - Pitfalls and Opportunities

Splunk fiscal year end is coming up this January 31st and as a result, many deals are set to renew or are aggressively pursued by the sales teams to close as net new business. Splunk is a clever play of words, it is derived from the word “spelunking which means exploring the information of caves. It was developed by Rob Das and Eric Swan in 2003 as a search engine for the log files that are stored in the infrastructure of a system. The main goal of the founders was to market this developing technology in bulk so that it can be deployed in almost all kinds of use cases possible. Splunk went public on April 19th, 2012, with a $17 strike price ...

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VMware Fiscal Year End and Broadcom's Acquisition Implications

Dave Young
Dec. 28,2022 | Software VMware

Big changes are in store for current and soon to be VMware customers. And wherever we see big changes with our major suppliers, the fallout typically lands in two categories for their respective customers. 1) Those who see it coming and plan accordingly, and 2) those that take no action and let things happen to them. That latter category will end up paying a premium for years to come over their peers for the exact same products and services. With all the current happenings at VMware, now is the perfect time to analyze your current and or projected spend and plan accordingly so you can take advantage of this change, rather than become a ...

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Act Now: Anaplan Fiscal Year End is January 2023

Scott Braden
Dec. 28,2022 | Software Anaplan

Introduction Anaplan connects people, data, and plans in real-time in its cloud environment to help customers democratize decision-making across all lines of business and business activities, from strategic to operational levels. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) As a step beyond traditional business intelligence, Anaplan offers a cloud-based subscription for its Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software — enabling planning, modeling, and collaboration services to power better business decisions and drive better enterprise performance. Anaplan offers a simple interface to its Smart Business Platform, combining connection, ...

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Coupa: Once a Target - Now Acquired

Fred Teekens
Dec. 28,2022 | Software Coupa

Coupa’s rise in the SaaS Business Spend Management sector has been impressive since its founding in 2006. Since its stock traded at an all-time high in 2021 at over $350/share, it’s been a rocky road for the company. In a market with greater competition and an economy putting inflationary pressure on companies, Coupa has found both its market cap and stock price plummeting since that high water mark. Since the very start of 2022, Coupa has been targeted as a potential acquisition, and as of this week – that’s what happened with Private Equity firm Thoma Bravo has agreed to an $8B takeover. With Thoma Bravo, trying to acquire, they may be in ...

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