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Act Now: VMWare Fiscal Year End is January

Virtualization Before viable public cloud options were widely available, enabling enterprises to buy processing power and data storage ‘by the drink’, the best way to get past the physical constraints and limitations of the technology assets in your data center (to achieve greater value from higher utilization of those investments), was to virtualize them and serve them up to your applications as virtual machines rather than physical servers. VMware was the market leader in this space for 10+ years and was extremely successful in being able to consolidate technology spend in the enterprise. In fact, they consolidated more enterprise ...

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Time to Extract Value from VMware

Michael Welsh
Feb. 11,2021 | Cloud VMware

Since 2002, we have been helping clients optimize technology spend and have maintained a continuously updated list of suppliers where we know we can extract value with a high yield. VMware has been and seems destined to remain at or near the top of this list for the foreseeable future. VMware is credited with commercializing compute virtualization technologies with their popular vSphere product, enabling multiple virtual applications to run concurrently on a single physical host. This increased utilization of IT resources has dramatically improved the economics of enterprise datacenter infrastructure, vaulting VMware to a market dominant ...

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