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The Top 10 IT Services Companies for 2023

Introduction Many of you will remember last year’s very successful blog regarding the Top 10 India-Based IT Services Companies for 2022, where Mphasis was rated as the #1 overall performing “India-Based” IT Services Company. We decided to expand the focus this year beyond “India” to include the rest of the world, and while India remains a critical region for offshoring talent, and certainly India-based firms are disproportionately represented in the analysis, the India-based firms are also competing (and winning) head-to-head with the global elite, so there is no reason why we can’t measure them in the full context of the highest demands of ...

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Act Now: Okta Fiscal Year End is January 2023

Your Virtual Bouncer, Now Larger and Stronger and (Soon) Profitable But how secure is Okta, really? From 2021 to 2022 Okta grew from $835 million to $1.3 billion in top line revenue, a 55.63% increase, indicating strong market acceptance. However, the company is still losing money, and losses accelerated by 218.55% in 2022 to -$848M. If you need security from the occasional undesirable intruder in your enterprise and need to convey strength in the way you control access to the information you hold most dear by restricting access to unwelcomed guests and bouncing them from your cloud, you may very well need to learn more about Okta. However, ...

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June is Coming, What’s Microsoft Going to Surprise You with This Time?

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that’s about due to renew. Most of Microsoft EA’s expire / renew in June because that’s Microsoft’s fiscal year-end. Of course, here we are in late May and so the fun has barely started! A few questions to ask yourself: Did you get your renewal quotes back yet? How are you liking the massive price increases compared to your expiring deal? Happy with those? Has Microsoft been exceptionally accommodating and responsive throughout the process? If you answered yes to all the above - good. No need to keep reading. For the 99% of the rest of you, ...

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Act Now: Anaplan Fiscal Year End is January

Introduction Anaplan connects people, data, and plans in real-time in its cloud environment to help customers democratize decision-making across all lines of business and business activities, from strategic to operational levels. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) As a step beyond traditional business intelligence, Anaplan offers a cloud-based subscription for its Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software — enabling planning, modeling, and collaboration services to power better business decisions and drive better enterprise performance. Anaplan offers a simple interface to its Smart Business Platform, combining connection, ...

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Act Now: VMWare Fiscal Year End is January

Virtualization Before viable public cloud options were widely available, enabling enterprises to buy processing power and data storage ‘by the drink’, the best way to get past the physical constraints and limitations of the technology assets in your data center (to achieve greater value from higher utilization of those investments), was to virtualize them and serve them up to your applications as virtual machines rather than physical servers. VMware was the market leader in this space for 10+ years and was extremely successful in being able to consolidate technology spend in the enterprise. In fact, they consolidated more enterprise ...

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