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Top 5 Concerns & Countermeasures Regarding Broadcom's Acquisition of VMware

Michael Welsh
Jan. 30,2024 | VMware Broadcom

Preface Broadcom's recent acquisition of VMware has raised concerns among client organizations. In this blog, we will review what has happened and discuss the top five concerns that enterprises should have about this mega-acquisition along with five effective countermeasures that client organizations can take to protect themselves. Immediately after Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware was announced, VMWare customers had five top concerns, specifically: Top 5 Concerns: Price Increases - Broadcom has a history of raising prices after acquiring companies, and there is concern that it will do the same with VMware. This could make it more expensive ...

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Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMware Closed: What Now?

The long-announced acquisition of VMware by Broadcom back in May of 2022 closed November 22, 2023, having finally received the blessing of the Chinese regulators, the last hurdle. Now that they have made it official, it’s time to revisit our article on this almost a year ago this month (VMware’s Fiscal Year End and Broadcom’s Acquisition Implications). In that blog, we encouraged VMware customers to plan ahead and understand Broadcom’s culture and motivations for the acquisition – and plan accordingly. Business (not) As Usual We are currently seeing many VMware deals put on hold pending more reviews during this newlywed phase. Getting ...

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