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Cyber Security and Ransomware: Punching Above Your Weight With MSPs and MSSPs

The news is rife lately with security breaches and ransomware attacks. The U.S. company Colonial Pipeline was among one of the high profile cases given the impact on business and consumers across the country. There have been several others such as JBS USA food processor, Ireland’s HSE (Health Service Executive) which manages health care system, Acer and many, many more. As an NBC news item recently put it, Cyber Security staff are barely hanging on and not able to keep up with the barrage of attacks. Its clear that for the short term, the opportunities for criminals to make vast sums of money are simply too good to resist and will likely ...

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The Top 25 Cyber Security Suppliers for 2021

Dave Young
Jun. 24,2021 | Cyber Security

Call them what you will, but hackers, cybercriminals, and identity thieves, as well as some notable nation states, are an increasing threat to enterprises of all industries and sizes across the globe. The recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident is only the most recent and noteworthy because it impacted an important supply chain: gasoline. However, hundreds of similar breaches are playing out every day and it really goes without saying that Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern among businesses across industries, particularly as work environments have shifted from the office to the home. While Cybercriminals are attempting to ...

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