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Gen Digital: Potential Competitive Alternative for Your Cybersecurity Needs?

Preface Nearly all clients are seeking greater prosperity in 2024. While client organizations are still focused on cost reductions to meet the challenges of their new economic and market realities, the pent-up demands of the business are increasingly calling for innovation, automation, and organizational performance improvement. Digital Transformation has emerged as the #1 Way to Boost Performance and Savings concurrently. Client organizations that are digitally transforming are harvesting greater value by: Automating tasks (RPA) to streamline efficiencies Unlocking data insights (ML) for better organizational (AI) decision-making Empowering ...

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Top 10 Tips for Saving on Fortinet Subscriptions

Fortinet is a leading provider of security solutions, but its costs can be high, especially for large enterprise organizations. As a result, many companies are starting to see the value of Fortinet's subscriptions becoming misaligned with the cost. Below we walk you through some of the top tips to review to ensure you are maximizing your investment. Here are our top 10 tips: 1. Review your usage: Take a close look at how you are using your Fortinet products and identify any areas where you can reduce your usage. For example, you may be able to reduce your bandwidth usage by using Fortinet's traffic shaping features. 2. Disable unused ...

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Crowdstrike: Fiscal Year End and Analysis

Product Summary: Crowdstrike is best known for their cloud-based endpoint protection and response (EDR) solution to detect intrusions across networks and endpoints. The flagship product is Falcon that includes a suite of security products that strive to protect the enterprise against malware and threats in real-time with deep threat intelligence. Arguably, they are known for the breadth and depth of their threat intelligence to identify malicious code or other threats before they do damage or spread across the network. The company claims that its technology can detect 99% of all malware threats before they impact your organization or ...

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Enterprise Security: Getting Ready for Q-Day and PQC

Q-Day: The day quantum computers can render all current encryption methods meaningless. If you are not yet familiar with the terms Q-Day and PQC, you should be starting today. PQC or ‘Post Quantum Computing’ refers to the next wave of potential security headaches coming your way in the next decade if not sooner. The industry already has coined a term for it, called Q-day, which is when your current security that revolves around cryptography will be rendered irrelevant. So, this may be one area where being an early adopter has far less risk than being a laggard. The good news is that we seem to have some time to prepare for this change (more ...

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Act Now: Okta Fiscal Year End is January

Your Virtual Bouncer If you need security from the occasional undesirable intruder in your enterprise and need to convey strength in the way you control access to the information you hold most dear, by restricting access to unwelcomed guests and bouncing them from your cloud, you may very well need to learn more about Okta. In 2021, we named Okta as the #3 technology supplier to watch - largely based on its growth in the enterprise space as a Single-Sign-On platform. In March 2021, Okta acquired Auth0, and by doing so, moved from a cloud-based identity and access management company that provides single-sign-on access for employees to a ...

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Cyber Security and Ransomware: Punching Above Your Weight With MSPs and MSSPs

The news is rife lately with security breaches and ransomware attacks. The U.S. company Colonial Pipeline was among one of the high profile cases given the impact on business and consumers across the country. There have been several others such as JBS USA food processor, Ireland’s HSE (Health Service Executive) which manages health care system, Acer and many, many more. As an NBC news item recently put it, Cyber Security staff are barely hanging on and not able to keep up with the barrage of attacks. Its clear that for the short term, the opportunities for criminals to make vast sums of money are simply too good to resist and will likely ...

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The Top 25 Cyber Security Suppliers for 2021

Dave Young
Jun. 24,2021 | Cyber Security

Call them what you will, but hackers, cybercriminals, and identity thieves, as well as some notable nation states, are an increasing threat to enterprises of all industries and sizes across the globe. The recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident is only the most recent and noteworthy because it impacted an important supply chain: gasoline. However, hundreds of similar breaches are playing out every day and it really goes without saying that Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern among businesses across industries, particularly as work environments have shifted from the office to the home. While Cybercriminals are attempting to ...

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