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Top 5 Ways to Save on Oracle Now (FYE May)

Ahh, May. The month itself is named after Maia, the Greek goddess of Spring - and it's easy to see why. In the emerald month of May, life begins anew as the grass turns green, new leaves come out on the trees, and flowers bloom. It is the season of hope, optimism, and renewal. Oops, did I just say renewal? Oh, that's right, May is also Oracle's fiscal year-end, and the busiest month of the year for your beloved Oracle reps as they scramble to sell new business and process your most recent hostage invoices (otherwise known as your annual maintenance service & support renewals). Instead of enjoying the greening of the great outdoors, many ...

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What You Need to Know About Oracle’s Java Licensing Changes

Fred Teekens
Apr. 26,2023 | Software Oracle Java

A significant change to Oracle's Java licensing policy was announced January 23rd 2023. The Java licensing changes are clearly designed to increase revenue for the company rather than provide for a greater or enhanced product. While most well-run businesses seek to increase revenue, with Oracle we must view with a critical eye however, as these types of initiatives typically don’t do much for the customer in the way of added value. In addition to the revenue bump these changes will impact for Oracle, they are clearly also designed to eliminate competition (also not in the customer’s favor). It is important to note that these changes do not ...

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Oracle 3rd Quarter Results and Your Spend Considerations Before May 31st

Oracle's financials have generally been strong in recent years with their aggressive cloud push, reporting steady growth in revenues and earnings. However, Oracle faces increasing competition from other cloud providers, particularly in the areas of IaaS and PaaS. Additionally, Oracle has been shifting its focus towards cloud-based services and away from its traditional software licensing business, which could impact its financial performance in the long-term. Read our series related to this starting with The Top 5 Price Shock Phenomena of Cloud Costs. In the very short term however, they have missed earnings targets and indicated on their ...

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Taking the Spin Out of Oracle’s “Growth” and What It Really Costs You

As we are well into calendar Q4, several tech companies have announced layoffs and cutbacks as they prepare to weather inflation and the impending recession storm.  Despite all the great news coming out of Oracle from their Q1 2023 report (announced September 12, 2022), they have been laying off employees throughout the course of 2022 on the heels of their Cerner acquisition in their quest to cut $1B in cost in the name of synergy.  Somewhat surprising to us; however, is that they are also laying off from their OCI group (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).  Given their claims of robust cloud growth that they talk about to Wall Street in their Q1 ...

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Oracle's War on Rimini Street and What it Means for You

No question Oracle is one of the most dominant and financially successful tech companies in the world. In fact, almost everyone reading this probably directly or indirectly owns a small part of Oracle in their investment portfolio.  However, through sales practices, audit actions, acquisitions and never-ending lawsuits, Oracle seems to be relying increasingly on legal tactics and maneuvers to shut down competition and show growth to Wall Street, rather than be a disruptive innovator. Some would say that Oracle’s core competency now is litigation, not innovation.  Ongoing War with Rimini Street  We have long advocated for seeking alternatives ...

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Oracle's Innovation: Costing Customers More and Getting Less

Michael Welsh
Mar. 30,2022 | Oracle

Oracle spends more on marketing than it does on innovation, $7.6B to be exact.  Knowing Oracle, they probably refer to their marketing efforts as innovative.  Oracle’s licensing and cloud offers come in a dizzying array of offerings and by extension, complexity, but they are anything but innovative.    We’ve observed over the last several months an uptick in sub-optimized Oracle deployments that are causing substantial pain around:   PULA’s – Perpetual User License Agreements  Cloud@Customer – Oracle public cloud apps in your data center  PaaS – Platform as a Service and   IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service   What all these offerings share ...

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Oracle Acquires Cerner - Healthcare Customers Are About to Shed Blood

Oracle Corporation has agreed to acquire a large Electronic Health Records (EHR) company, Cerner Corporation, in a transaction worth $28.3 Billion. Oracle already has a significant presence in healthcare but adding Cerner, which essentially runs an ERP-style software system for healthcare delivery networks, gives Oracle a much larger wallet-share inside healthcare related customers. This would also enable greater account control as it adds more industry-specific applications to its already widely entrenched technology platform. If fully executed, this move will likely give Oracle a better market message around industry clouds, especially ...

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Microsoft Still Number One in the Audit Game

The adage goes: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Although technology moves at a rapid pace, the predatory behavior of software vendors does not really change. Certainly, it works for them as the numbers show: Microsoft net income: $44.2B Oracle net income: $14.1B IBM profit: $5.6B Not coincidentally, these are the top 3 suppliers most likely to audit you according to a recent ITAM study of 465 IT Executives conducted by Flexera. This fact comes as no surprise to us, as we wrote about this in 2019 in an article titled: The Top 10 Audit Crazy Suppliers, where our top 3 mirrored the IT Executive survey exactly. In fact, 9 ...

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Calling All Budget Heroes: Seven Strategic Supplier Strategies for Year End

As we've been saying for months, post (hopefully) pandemic Market Conditions are ripe for you to act in driving business value into your company. If you've ever dreamed of being the budget hero, this is it. With the tumult in the supplier marketplace around M&As, shifts of products to the cloud, small company disruptions, the supplier competition has never been as robust. Once you digest the list below and want more, we're happy to talk. There's nothing we like better than chatting about how to get more value from technology suppliers - especially now. Big Software SAP Nearly 100% of SAP deals come due in December. This is driven by ...

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Oracle's Latest Program to Reduce (?) Support Costs

Oracle Rewards! Oracle recently launched a new program selling ocean-front property in Arkansas. Bonus! North of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, they also have land available for purchase. Rewards and Credits!  The deal is that for every acre you buy in Alaska, you get a credit toward your Arkansas property! Sounds like a good deal, right? Except however, when you fully understand that Arkansas is not on the ocean, and you have zero need for land in Alaska (no offense meant to Alaskans). Yes, they are not really selling land, but in classic Oracle fashion, they have put together a ‘rewards’ program that purports to lower your support costs but ...

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