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Oracle's War on Rimini Street and What it Means for You

No question Oracle is one of the most dominant and financially successful tech companies in the world. In fact, almost everyone reading this probably directly or indirectly owns a small part of Oracle in their investment portfolio. However, through sales practices, audit actions, acquisitions and never-ending lawsuits, Oracle seems to be relying increasingly on legal tactics and maneuvers to shut down competition and show growth to Wall Street, rather than be a disruptive innovator. Some would say that Oracle’s core competency now is litigation, not innovation. Ongoing War with Rimini Street We have long advocated for seeking alternatives in ...

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Healthcare Industry Financial Symptoms Worsen; but a Cure is Available

Healthcare is one-fifth of the US economy. Due to the shifting demographics related to aging baby boomers, Medicare and Medicaid patients now make up roughly half the patient population. Due to changing insurance payout structures, this population of patients now costs hospitals roughly 10% more to serve than they make, leaving the remaining patients to make up the difference -- plus providing enough operating margin to sustain all investments. In addition, of the 29 major industries we serve, Healthcare ranks 28th in IT Buying Efficiency, which is to say that Healthcare is the 2nd worst performing industry when it comes to technology ...

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Cloud Cost Optimization to Mitigate Inflation and Rising Operational Costs

There is a perfect economic storm brewing right now making it unlikely that cloud hyper-scalers like AWS, GCP and Microsoft will continue systematically lowering prices anytime soon. As inflation rises faster than it has since the late 1980s, the cost of doing business for these providers is going up, especially impacted by: High energy costs Increased cost of capital Supply chain issues (like semiconductors for example) Build and operating costs for new data centers If this period of inflation and low growth continues, it would potentially interrupt the declining price trends in cloud computing services. In the worst-case scenario, it could ...

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You Don't Need Another (Super)Hero

At the forefront of a global recession, where business forecasts are softening, but input costs continue to increase, clients are thinking about ways they can lower the burden without damaging their businesses and are turning again towards IT cost reductions as the preferred strategy as cost savings often come with no diminution of business value. Read our recent article, “The #1 Thing CEOs Can Do to Prepare for the Global Recession” for more context. Increasingly, in the pursuit of IT Cost Savings, clients are looking for professional assistance to figure out how best to help them save. Our industry sub-segment of IT Cost Reduction ...

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