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Veeva Fiscal Year End and Agreement Analysis

Fred Teekens
Jan. 26,2023 | Veeva Healthcare

Like many of the market leading SaaS companies, Veeva’s fiscal year-end is January 31st. Why is this important? Most technology suppliers before their fiscal year end will have an extreme ‘push’ by sales management to extract every last dollar of potential revenue before they have to report out their annual earnings. As any sales representative will tell you, everyone wants to close strong at the end of the year. Veeva is no different. To that end, however, there can be opportunities for savvy buyers who are willing to research and invest time in understanding their supplier and their place in the market - even with only days to go. It’s ...

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Healthcare Industry Financial Symptoms Worsen; but a Cure is Available

Healthcare is one-fifth of the US economy. Due to the shifting demographics related to aging baby boomers, Medicare and Medicaid patients now make up roughly half the patient population. Due to changing insurance payout structures, this population of patients now costs hospitals roughly 10% more to serve than they make, leaving the remaining patients to make up the difference -- plus providing enough operating margin to sustain all investments. In addition, of the 29 major industries we serve, Healthcare ranks 28th in IT Buying Efficiency, which is to say that Healthcare is the 2nd worst performing industry when it comes to technology ...

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