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Using IT Savings to Boost Productivity, Lower Costs and Mitigate Recession Risk

As discussed in some of our previous blogs, market indicators continued to show signs that a recessionary environment was on the horizon. Today, it became official wherein the U.S. recorded its second straight quarter GDP retraction. Preceding this news, were some unfortunate earnings reports coming from Fortune 100 companies (Walmart missed expectations on lowered forecasts). Firms are carrying unanticipated levels of inventory and are having to heavily discount to get rid of it, which are all harbingers of low growth, lower revenue and tighter margins. From our blog titled, “CEOs: #1 Action to Protect Your Organization from The Looming ...

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NET(net) in the Private Equity Industry

Preface In 2007, NET(net) developed a program for Private Equity firms to improve the operational efficiencies of their portfolio companies by reducing IT costs with no diminution of business value. As our Private Equity partners went through the global financial crisis in 2008, they modified their approach to the capital markets, extending their holding horizons, and looked to make up the difference in missed returns with improved value (predicated on the operational efficiencies they created). No category performed as well as IT spend, and no partner performed as well as NET(net).   In 2022, we see a similar situation as many of our ...

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