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What is Your Cloud Migration Readiness?

A rigorous assessment of the business objectives and a well-defined migration plan are critical to realize the benefits of moving IT activities from your legacy on-premises infrastructure to a public cloud provider. Any technical gap or delay in cloud migration will erode the economics and benefits of the cloud with unexpected expenses and performance issues.   To that point, a recent survey by SunGard Availability Services uncovered the following:  Over 45% of IT decision-makers indicate they struggle to forecast and understand the costs associated with cloud migration.  40% of respondents cited they ‘lack understanding of cloud ...

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Europe’s Growing Energy Crisis and the Impact to Your Cloud Capacity & Pricing

There is a growing energy crisis in Europe that may have a significant impact on availability and pricing soon for consumers of cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft and Google. With an ongoing war in Ukraine and green energy policies taking effect all over Europe, the pressure on energy has never been greater. And with a supply that could be constricted coupled with growing demand, may equal a business risk for you. The big three customers may take all that on-demand capacity for granted, but those days may be numbered.  As French President Macron recently underscored, “We are no longer living in a world of abundance.” Supplies for every ...

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Cloud Cost Optimization to Mitigate Inflation and Rising Operational Costs

There is a perfect economic storm brewing right now making it unlikely that cloud hyper-scalers like AWS, GCP and Microsoft will continue systematically lowering prices anytime soon. As inflation rises faster than it has since the late 1980s, the cost of doing business for these providers is going up, especially impacted by:  High energy costs   Increased cost of capital   Supply chain issues (like semiconductors for example)  Build and operating costs for new data centers  If this period of inflation and low growth continues, it would potentially interrupt the declining price trends in cloud computing services. In the worst-case scenario, ...

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12 for '21 Cloud Optimization Series: Number 11 - Storage Management

Cloud spend is anticipated to continue its massive growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.  However, the spend does not have to match that same growth curve!  To help our Clients maintain sound Cloud Optimization programs, we've assembled a series of articles and tips called: 12 for '21 Cloud Optimization Series (note: request a download of all 21 here). Today we review the fourth installment in the series: Set Up Hierarchical Storage Management. Data sets have specific lifecycles. Early on, your workload might often access the data. But overtime, data access, in particular the aging one, drops drastically. Some data remains idle in ...

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