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You Don't Need Another (Super)Hero

At the forefront of a global recession, where business forecasts are softening, but input costs continue to increase, clients are thinking about ways they can lower the burden without damaging their businesses and are turning again towards IT cost reductions as the preferred strategy as cost savings often come with no diminution of business value. Read our recent article, “The #1 Thing CEOs Can Do to Prepare for the Global Recession” for more context. Increasingly, in the pursuit of IT Cost Savings, clients are looking for professional assistance to figure out how best to help them save. Our industry sub-segment of IT Cost Reduction ...

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CEOs: #1 Action to Protect Your Organization from the Looming Recession

In 2020, the world economy shrank by 4.3%. During this time, many organizations were in ‘emergency’ spending mode to enable their enterprises with ‘Work from Anywhere (WFA)’ features for remote access and edge computing which, in many cases, resulted in sub-optimized purchasing that has only worsened over time as costs continue to rise and business forecasts continue to slow. See our previous blogs on this topic: Like a Bad Hangover, Did You Wake Up in 2022 Budgeting Season and Wonder Where Your Money was Spent? Is ‘Overspend’ Culture Impeding Your Digital Transformation Just as the global economy seemed to be bouncing back from the negative ...

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