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Top 5 Digital Transformation Strategies to Unlock Prosperity in 2024

Preface Thank you for joining us to learn more about the Top 5 Digital Transformation strategies you can use to unlock prosperity in 2024. Nearly all clients are seeking greater prosperity in 2024. While the demands of the business are increasingly focused on innovation, automation, and organizational performance improvement, client organizations are still focused on cost reductions to meet the new economic and market realities. We foresee a volatile and unpredictable business landscape predicated on geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainty, and continued supply chain disruptions as client organizations continue to diversify their ...

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Thrive Ultimatum Series Part II: Top 10 Disruptive Technologies to Watch

What is the Thrive Ultimatum? 2019 and into 2020 will present the 'C-Suite' with a Digital Transformation ultimatum. Digital initiatives can no longer be ‘shelved’ or viewed as a future innovation that are delayed by a myriad of excuses. Organizations operating this way are often in survival mode, feeling encumbered by forces outside their control. But survival is no longer enough as consumers, businesses, and shareholders demand that organizations move past survival mode, to thrive mode and cross the chasm of digital change and disruption now. Organizations that recognize this imperative and act on it are succeeding in the digital age. ...

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Our Prediction:  Blockchain WILL Replace the Supplier Invoice

Most clients today use a complicated procedure for processing supplier payments to ensure the process is not only accurate and complete, but also: comports with the terms of the commercial agreement performs in compliance with the conditions of the contractual agreement is done with authenticated trading partners isn’t fraudulent or illicit in any way is fully auditable An Example of This Authentication Process: A Purchase Requisition is made, signifying the internal demand for the seller’s products and services. The terms of a Commercial Arrangement are agreed to, including product, service, and pricing information. A Contractual Agreement ...

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