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Workday Customer Blues: Their Evolution from Market Disruptor to Market Dominator

Where we were: Enter the Disruptor Workday's journey to becoming the market leader in the human capital management (HCM) space is a story of innovation, strategic partnerships, and capitalizing on market shifts. Founded in 2005 by former PeopleSoft executives, Workday entered a market dominated by the old guard, established players like SAP and Oracle. However, Workday differentiated itself by offering a cloud-based solution, a modern user interface, and a focus on user experience, which really resonated with both HR professionals and executives. Workday's growth was further fueled by its strategic partnerships. In 2010, it formed a key ...

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Is There a Crack in the Rock that is Workday?

Andrea Alterman
Dec. 28,2022 | HCM Workday

Workday has become ‘the rock’ of the HCM market and has been for some time. Like so many others, Workday started out as the small innovator and market disruptor and has become the standard by which HCM software is measured. They deservedly earned this moniker as they continued (for the most part) their spirit of rapid innovation coupled with operating stability that their customers could rely on. IF Workday said they were going to deliver, they usually did. You might say they have gained in certain circles the same moniker that IBM once held (but no longer) in their heyday which was ‘No one ever got fired for hiring IBM’. But we have to ask ...

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Act Now: Workday Fiscal Year End is January

Introduction Workday was ranked #1 in NET(net)'s Top 10 HCM HRMS Suppliers for 2021 blog. The cloud-based system mostly known as a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform for global workforces is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and offers the following modules: Human resource management Business process management Reporting and analytics Benefits administration Compensation management Talent management Survey framework Employee and management self-service Program and Project Management Payroll and Workforce Management Professional Services Automation Enterprise Planning Higher Ed Student Support Spend Management Many ...

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Calling All Budget Heroes: Seven Strategic Supplier Strategies for Year End

As we've been saying for months, post (hopefully) pandemic Market Conditions are ripe for you to act in driving business value into your company. If you've ever dreamed of being the budget hero, this is it. With the tumult in the supplier marketplace around M&As, shifts of products to the cloud, small company disruptions, the supplier competition has never been as robust. Once you digest the list below and want more, we're happy to talk. There's nothing we like better than chatting about how to get more value from technology suppliers - especially now. Big Software SAP Nearly 100% of SAP deals come due in December. This is driven by ...

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Top 10 HCM HRMS Suppliers for 2021

Introduction: The WFA (Work from Anywhere) dynamic has challenged the traditional mission of HCM professionals. With these changes come new and unique ways that HCM and HRMS providers should be engaged and negotiated with. As you read through our top 10 providers, some strategic imperatives to keep in mind: Innovation: Shifts to WFA models require rapid, nimble, innovation focused providers. Keep this in mind when researching your renewal and or new agreements. Ensure the agreement’s terms and conditions meet YOUR expectations and projected business requirements – not the providers sales and margin goals. Return of the niche providers: HCM ...

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HCM Customers: 3 Warning Signs When Adding On Products

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused quite a bit of upheaval for IT and HR groups (and many others) as they support the immediate needs of their user communities and employees. To that end, the HCM suppliers have the tools that companies need to facilitate these requirements, but there are some warning signs that HCM customers should be wary of. We have noticed three prevalent themes coming through the ‘pandemic buying’ that are worth noting and taking heed when you see them. 1. Your HCM provider is offering a free trial of software you don’t currently own to “assist you during these times.” When you are offered anything for free, you are right ...

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Breaking Bad: The Big 5 HCM Suppliers

According to MarketWatch, the global HCM market size in 2018 was $12.6B USD and is poised to grow to $22.6B by 2025! That is an impressive growth number and companies will be going all out to claim their share of it. While these ‘Big 5’ take up a massive chunk of the HCM market, the biggest piece of the pie is still quantified as ‘other’, meaning there are a myriad of options for enterprises to choose from. Before you can even consider the niche players and startups on the cutting edge of HCM technology, you first have to know what the big players can do. They will claim they can do everything under the sun, but in some cases that’s only ...

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Top 10 Audit Crazy Suppliers: 2019 Version!

Software audits have become an unfortunate but necessary revenue stream for most suppliers today. And who can really blame them? It usually works! Just as governments have now come to rely on revenue from things like speeding and parking tickets, so to have software companies come to rely on software audits to move the needle on revenue or generate fear, using pressure and leverage to create opportunities for new licensing revenue. The reasons are well known, and really haven’t changed significantly in the last few years: Competition from disruptive suppliers Migration away from perpetual licensing to subscription-based cloud solutions ...

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Six ‘Beware’ Factors to Consider in Today’s Cloud HCM Offerings

Its been a long time since HCM solutions were primarily used for ‘counting noses’. Companies large and small understand the strategic value in their workforce and are aggressively using HCM solutions to support their investment, and HCM providers know it. Between emerging technology, disruptive companies, mergers and acquisitions, changing licensing models, cloud migrations, and much more, to say today’s HCM software market is under rapid change would be a massive understatement. Unfortunately, none of us really have the luxury of ignoring these changes lest we be left in the wake of overpaying for a non-compliant, underperforming, and ...

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