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State of the HCM Market: Where’s the Money Going?

The HCM market continues to be a growth category in technology representing over $17 billion in total worldwide spend in 2021. Global HCM players have been working feverishly to solidify and grow their base of Clients and get them locked into a platform for several years to shore up stock price and shareholder value. Like most market dominant players, these firms are more focused on driving average revenue per Client up, than they are on innovation. But with the rapid pace of change in the workforce, many customers are finding these large market players are not nimble enough to meet their needs. And if the investment money flow is any ...

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UKG: The Kronos and Ultimate Software Merger One Year Later

April 1, 2020, Ultimate Software and Kronos merged to create one of the larger players in the HCM market. Six months later, the company rebranded the merged entity to UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). Now that just over a year has passed since the merger and with direct experience working with our Clients and the combined companies, we thought now would be a good time to assess where the company is in the landscape of HCM solutions, and where you should be encouraged (while exercising caution) in executing agreements going forward. You may also remember them as a 'one to watch' on our Top 10 HCM HRMS suppliers for 2021. Common Threads Unlike many ...

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Top 10 HCM HRMS Suppliers for 2021

Introduction: The WFA (Work from Anywhere) dynamic has challenged the traditional mission of HCM professionals. With these changes come new and unique ways that HCM and HRMS providers should be engaged and negotiated with. As you read through our top 10 providers, some strategic imperatives to keep in mind: Innovation: Shifts to WFA models require rapid, nimble, innovation focused providers. Keep this in mind when researching your renewal and or new agreements. Ensure the agreement’s terms and conditions meet YOUR expectations and projected business requirements – not the providers sales and margin goals. Return of the niche providers: HCM ...

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