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Top 10 Technology Suppliers to Watch in 2021

Dexter Siglin
Mar. 12,2021 | Software SaaS

Working with our Clients during a time of heightened need has given us a unique perspective on the market with an ability to see the Industry in real time and in practical terms.  Being ahead of the market has its advantages in that we can see the ‘up and comers’ emerging; those technology suppliers who are showing up in more Client accounts offering high value solutions with real world application and practical use cases. In our first ever post of its kind, here is our list of the Top 10 Technology Suppliers to Watch in 2021: One: Veeva Category: Life Sciences Data Management Location: Pleasanton, CA By: Steve Zolman Veeva Systems is the ...

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Can the White Walker Ghouls at Bloomberg Be Stopped?

  Table of Contents: Introduction Background Market Summary Current Market Conditions Use Case Competitive Market Government Regulation Bloomberg News Fossil  AI's Role in Trading Bloomberg in Disruption Loss of Customer Trust Failure to Innovate Instant Bloomberg Arrogance Help Intro – Here’s How You Can Save 30-93% on your Bloomberg Costs The name Bloomberg conjures up images of the Night King himself, but also of the market dominance in the Financial Services industry, of its flagship product, the Bloomberg Terminal.  Just whispering the Bloomberg name also sends shivers up the spines of their customers when they think about the ...

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12 for '21 Cloud Optimization Series - Number Two: Consolidate

Cloud spend is anticipated to continue its massive growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.  However, the spend does not have to match that same growth curve!  To help our Clients maintain sound Cloud Optimization programs, we've assembled a series of articles and tips called: 12 for '21 Cloud Optimization Series (note: request a download of all 21 here). Today we review the second installment in the series: Consolidation. Consolidating under-utilized and over-utilized instances out of your fleet can be a quick start on the path of cost savings.  By leveraging native analytics, you can generate recommendations toward consolidation (e.g. ...

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AWS Market Update and 2021 Market Forecast

Cloud is an integral part of almost every company's strategic technology portfolio.  As legacy migrations continue and cloud spend increases across every industry, its never been more critical to understand both your specific cloud investments, and the suppliers (AWS) that drive them.  Only those that fully understand these market dynamics will enjoy the competitive advantage that comes with informed insight.  Conversely, those who fail to comprehend their waste, overspend and the market dynamics behind it, are doomed to escalating spend, blown budgets, and lagging transformation efforts. Below we give you that market insight, updates on AWS ...

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Michael Welsh
Feb. 18,2021 | Software SAP

SAP CEO Christian Klein is in a tough spot, trying to minimize the damage of a brand that has lost ground to competitors who have better adapted to the new reality of cloud computing. This exposure has been amplified during the global pandemic and has negatively impacted SAP’s profitability in a time when other companies are prospering due to customers’ increased dependency on technology and automation. In an attempt to remedy these challenges and re-focus his brand, Klein is promoting a new program for ‘business transformation as a service’, dubbed “RISE with SAP”. SAP plans to migrate your ERP to its cloud, promising to improve and speed ...

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Time to Extract Value from VMware

Michael Welsh
Feb. 11,2021 | Cloud VMware

Since 2002, we have been helping clients optimize technology spend and have maintained a continuously updated list of suppliers where we know we can extract value with a high yield. VMware has been and seems destined to remain at or near the top of this list for the foreseeable future. VMware is credited with commercializing compute virtualization technologies with their popular vSphere product, enabling multiple virtual applications to run concurrently on a single physical host. This increased utilization of IT resources has dramatically improved the economics of enterprise datacenter infrastructure, vaulting VMware to a market dominant ...

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IBM’s Diminishing Role in the Modern Enterprise

Steven Zolman
Feb. 9,2021 |

Introduction Our clients are digitally transforming and migrating workloads to the cloud, while simultaneously minimizing their dependency on IBM for legacy IT. Due to a variety of factors discussed in this article, Clients have developed a strong resistance to offering IBM a seat at the table in their digital transformation journeys, choosing instead to diminish IBM’s role in the Modern Enterprise to avoid putting their future at risk. Contents: IBM Posts Another Dismal Quarter and Year 5 of IBM’s Top 6 Industries are in Open Disruption Clients have Accelerated Digital Transformation Initiatives Cloud as the Strategic Endpoint of the Modern ...

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12 for '21 Cloud Optimization Series - Number One: Shut it Down

Shut it off. Simple right? Sounds like something you might say to your children whenever they leave the light on in a room. But like any endeavor, shutting off instances in the cloud does take some amount of wherewithal and effort. Begin by identifying idle and under-utilized instances out of your fleet.  By leveraging native analytics (e.g. AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Advisor, Google Compute Engine), you can generate a list of these instances across regions and workloads. After a quick audit with your technology team or application owners, you can take a step toward savings realization by: Terminating/deleting idle instances ...

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Opportunity in Chaos: WFA Enablement can Help Clients Reduce Costs by Up to 75%

Changes in the market forcing clients to embrace Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) employees creates opportunities for clients to transform technology enablement; improving collaboration, increasing productivity and corporate knowledge management, while reducing security threats and end user computing costs (by as much as 67-75% in ideal cases). The 2020 scramble to re-equip and upgrade workers to enable productivity “from home” or “from anywhere” has changed the nature of end-user computing, maybe forever.  However, our clients continue to seek ways to help employees, contractors, suppliers, and customer ecosystems to collaborate better, boosting ...

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2021: Oracle Audits the World

If you thought Oracle audits were an issue in past years, buckle your seat belts for 2021. We expect Oracle audits to reach new heights of frequency and intensity over the coming months, specifically around Q2 2021. The driving factor is based on macro-market conditions that have been out of their control: Oracle has essentially been on hiatus for a year, not able to get on site and pester their customers about license compliance. Oracle customers have been more cost conscientious than in years past and have been more active in cancelling support for unused products. The global pandemic has caused many customers to delay or even scrap plans ...

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