Introducing Savings Cloud, an Industry First from NET(net)

NET(net), the world’s leading Technology Cost & Value Optimization Services firm, is now offering “Savings Cloud”, a strategic program that provides a set amount of Savings Capacity with a predictable fee and a consistent ROI.

A typical client with just $5 million or more of annual contract value will see a 500% return on investment from NET(net)’s Savings Cloud Program; an Industry First.  Clients with larger IT spend will see up to 2000% returns. 

Suppliers promise yours is the best deal on planet earth, and you’re tempted to believe them.  And maybe at one time, you did have a great deal – but things change.  New technologies emerge, new suppliers disrupt the market, existing suppliers change their pricing programs to compete, and you’re not sitting still either:

  • Changing business requirements
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Modernization of infrastructure
  • Automation of processes
  • Constant stream of new use cases

“Savings Cloud is the best way to turn your existing technology supply chain into a funding engine for innovation, not only to achieve your savings targets, but also to finance your transformation efforts,” says Steven Zolman, Founder and Chairman of NET(net).  “With the launch of Savings Cloud, we give the power back to IT and Finance leaders to modernize and reshape their own technology supply chains by mitigating the risk and financial exposure imposed by one-sided supplier agreements.”

Kellsey Le, President and CEO says “We have been working with our strategic clients, and we believe that Savings Cloud is the technology supply chain cost optimization model that meets their evolving and future needs.  Just as we consume everyday items ‘as-a-service', so too will our clients be able to consume savings.  The Savings Cloud model mitigates risk, eliminates budget friction and puts the focus where it belongs, which is on maximizing economic and strategic value from the technology supply chain utilizing industry leading practices.”

Until today, the process of value-extraction has been highly customized and therefore it’s been difficult for clients to gain the economies of scale needed to address this challenge pervasively with known costs and benefits.  With this announcement of Savings Cloud, the process has been dramatically simplified and can now be delivered as-a-service with known costs and benefits, and a consistent ROI.

Just look at what one of the world’s leading private equity firms says about NET(net):

“Creating long term value for our investors is a cornerstone of what we do at Blackstone, so it’s only natural that we look for partners that have the same approach to their business.  We have found that and more with the Services of NET(net) for the last ten plus years.  NET(net) is continually among our to performing strategic partners in terms of delivering real measurable cost Savings and improved value throughout our portfolio of companies.”

  • Greg Beutler, Operating Partner, Blackstone

Contact Us for more information about NET(net) or Savings Cloud and tell us how much YOU want to Save.

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