Retirement Announcement: Bob Geib

Kellsey Le
Aug. 29,2022 | Announcements

With both a heavy heart and great excitement, today we announce the departure and retirement of our beloved friend and colleague Robert Geib, General Manager, Client Services of NET(net).   Bob's contributions in managing and mentoring staff, as well as creating millions of business value with the NET(net) Team for our Clients and Partners in his tenure, set a high bar for success and professionalism that will resonate long past his retirement.

To Bob:

The entire NET(net) team is grateful that we got to spend the last 12 years of your 35-year career with you here at NET(net). We will always remember your dedication to teamwork and all those days that you got up before the crack of dawn with no complaints to help me and/or the team on client calls from around the world. Your earnest work ethic, commitment, and your sense of duty was very much appreciated. We will also remember you for always doing the right thing, for being principled, for going the extra mile, and for your deep and substantive communications. We wish you a happy retirement, and wish Lydia, Ziggy, and the rest of your family all the best in this new chapter of your life. You will be dearly missed!

A Note From Bob:

Friends and Colleagues,

After 35 years of working with so many great people, I am announcing my retirement as of September 2nd, 2022. If you are reading this now, it is likely that we either worked directly together in some capacity or at the very least our paths crossed in the pursuit of a business endeavor somewhere around the world. If our paths did converge, it's my sincere hope that you found our interactions to be positive and as rewarding as I found most of them to be. With a clear conscience I can say that throughout my career, I’ve pursued a course that, while not always the easy one, was assuredly always in the best interest of my clients, partners, employees, and the companies I worked for. In following this path, I’ve been able to forge tremendous relationships that I will carry on past my professional career.

Speaking of tremendous relationships, over the last twelve years, pursuing the ‘right’ course of action over expediency and disproportionate advantage, has never been in question working with the team at NET(net). When your own personal and core beliefs are fully aligned with your leadership team and company values, you find yourself thinking less about your work as a ‘job,’ and more as a calling. While that attribute alone might be career nirvana for most people, I can say that layered into those core beliefs at NET(net) are a team of professionals that are second to none. Quite literally, I believe they are the best in the world at what they do, which contributed mightily to my success over the years. While I have decided to move on to the next chapter, it’s not without profound appreciation for their humor, professionalism, toughness, and class that made the last decade the best of my career.

To that end, my corporate farewell would not be complete without a couple ‘thank-you’ s.

Kellsey Le – My CEO, my mentor…my friend. Thank you for displaying the patience of Job in working with my analytical mind, and always challenging assertions, assumptions, and notions to help me always find the best way forward. Even under tough circumstances, knowing that we would always be able to laugh at the end of the day (or eventually 😊), made the successes that much more rewarding.

Steven Zolman – Suffice it to say, I literally would not know where I would be today without your place in my professional life. Would I be able to retire now and on my terms? Would I have been with the same company for over twelve years? Would I have descended to the depths of a volcano in Iceland? But thankfully, you did start NET(net), and you did recruit me, and I was smart enough to say yes to your offer – and have never looked back. Thank you for being fearless and instilling that same virtue throughout this great organization you’ve built.

In addition to great coworkers and colleagues, I have had the benefit of working with some outstanding Clients and Operations Teams at our Private Equity partners, who I view fondly, not just because they did business with me, but they were also simply great people to work with. I cannot say enough about the great team at Blackstone, you amaze me in your ability to help your companies create value. So, to all my Clients, PE partners, and those who have become my friends, I say thank you!

With my retirement news however, a few co-workers have expressed concern. Since I have been working in such a fast paced and rewarding environment for so long, I might miss the work. While I would love to say that yes, I will deeply miss the conference calls, redlines, and deadlines, they have nothing to fear…I am simply going to be way too busy to notice.

Traveling, training our award-winning hunting dog Ziggy, hiking, scuba diving, and working on our Nevada ranch house is an abundance of riches that I cannot wait to take on full time. I would ask you to wish me luck, but clearly the luck has been all mine… See you in the mountains!




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