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Twenty-Three Free Supplier Offers for Business Use During Covid-19

If you are like me, you have been receiving an avalanche of email notifications from every company you’ve ever done business with letting you know how they are responding to the Covid-19 crisis.  Did I really need to know how my auto mechanic is responding to the epidemic?  Probably not at the top of my list.  However, if you can get through the noise, there have been some legitimate offers to help companies support their teams and customers through the crisis.  Most of these offers are in the form of free services and software for an extended period of time (30-60-90 days and more).  Below, we’ve compiled a list of twenty-three companies ...

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Introducing Savings Cloud, an Industry First from NET(net)

NET(net), the world’s leading Technology Cost & Value Optimization Services firm, is now offering “Savings Cloud”, a strategic program that provides a set amount of Savings Capacity with a predictable fee and a consistent ROI. A typical client with just $5 million or more of annual contract value will see a 500% return on investment from NET(net)’s Savings Cloud Program; an Industry First.  Clients with larger IT spend will see up to 2000% returns.  Suppliers promise yours is the best deal on planet earth, and you’re tempted to believe them.  And maybe at one time, you did have a great deal – but things change.  New technologies emerge, new ...

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