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The Top 10 IT Services Companies for 2023

Introduction Many of you will remember last year’s very successful blog regarding the Top 10 India-Based IT Services Companies for 2022, where Mphasis was rated as the #1 overall performing “India-Based” IT Services Company. We decided to expand the focus this year beyond “India” to include the rest of the world, and while India remains a critical region for offshoring talent, and certainly India-based firms are disproportionately represented in the analysis, the India-based firms are also competing (and winning) head-to-head with the global elite, so there is no reason why we can’t measure them in the full context of the highest demands of ...

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The Top 5 Ways to Save on Kyndryl

As you may remember, in last year’s blog entitled: Time to Defuse Your Kyndryl Deal BEFORE it Detonates We illuminated a number of insights and outlined a number of recommendations to help clients disarm their Kyndryl deals before the ticking time bombs blew up in their faces. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many clients suffered from rising input costs and softening business forecasts, and when considering a somewhat gloomy macro-economic outlook and the expected coming headwinds, decided to cut back in discretionary areas of spend. In the process of canceling projects, delaying purchases, and making cuts in discretionary spending, many ...

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Terminating Your IT Services Contract

Preface: Due principally to COVID-19, NET(net) has been getting many requests from clients for recommendations on how they can reduce or otherwise reshape their IT contracts; particularly their IT Services Agreements. Insider eBook: Top 5 Ways to Terminate Your IT Services Contract When it comes to contract wrangling in 2020, the soup du jour has been force majeure, but instead of a ‘silver bullet’ of sorts to get relief from contractual obligations in the age of a global pandemic, many of our clients are learning that the force majeure Rosetta Stone may not be the panacea of bargaining table control they hoped it was. In most cases where ...

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Security Operations Center: Insource or Outsource to MSSP?

As technology marches ever forward, the threats to Enterprise Security have seemingly multiplied exponentially. Our ability as organizations to stay ahead of the risks that technological advancements have brought to the forefront are challenged daily. Literally. They are challenged everyday by threats from: Foreign governments trying to access data and networks Cloud security as more and more corporate data is stored outside proprietary networks Shadow IT Ransomware Phishing attacks on unaware employees Internal bad actors (i.e. employees who wish to do harm) Malware installed on endpoints surreptitiously by external bad actors There are ...

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Financial Services Blog Series: A Journey to World Class IT Outsourcing

William Edwards Deming (1900-1993) is widely acknowledged as the leading thinker in the field of quality. He was a statistician and business consultant who is well known for his “14 Points for Management”. He used to say that ‘management is prediction,’ by which he meant that every decision is also a prediction about the future. The rate of change continues to increase, and as it does the business environment becomes ever more complex. Amidst this complex and uncertain environment, business still has to accomplish something – by getting work done. And getting work done is increasingly outsourced to 3rd parties. In 2017, the global ...

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