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The Cisco Acquisition of Splunk: Implications for Customers

In a monumental move, Cisco Systems, known for its networking equipment, has announced its intent to acquire Splunk for $28B USD ($157/share), the San Francisco-based company renowned for its software platform that monitors, searches, and analyzes big data along with a full suite of cyber security offerings. Both companies have significant histories in the tech industry, with Cisco having a footprint in network management and cybersecurity, while Splunk focuses on real-time data processing and analytics. The acquisition makes sense for Cisco as they have been reshaping their business from hardware-centric to higher margin software-centric. ...

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Act Now: Splunk FYE - Pitfalls and Opportunities

Splunk fiscal year end is coming up this January 31st and as a result, many deals are set to renew or are aggressively pursued by the sales teams to close as net new business. Splunk is a clever play of words, it is derived from the word “spelunking which means exploring the information of caves. It was developed by Rob Das and Eric Swan in 2003 as a search engine for the log files that are stored in the infrastructure of a system. The main goal of the founders was to market this developing technology in bulk so that it can be deployed in almost all kinds of use cases possible. Splunk went public on April 19th, 2012, with a $17 strike price ...

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Act Now: Splunk Fiscal Year End is January

Steven Zolman
Jan. 20,2022 | Splunk

In 2019, we called out Splunk as a disruptive supplier (with a specific focus on security in the financial services industry) in our "Thrive Ultimatum" Series as one of the Top 10 Disruptive Technologies to watch. In 2021, we named Splunk as the #2 technology supplier to watch - largely predicated on its growth in the enterprise space as a tool for searching, monitoring, and otherwise deciphering the growing amount of machine-generated data via its slick web-style interface. Although there has been some turmoil in the executive ranks, and the stock took a serious hit (just recently posting a 52-week low) in Q4 2021 after CEO Doug Merritt ...

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