NET(net) Named by CIOReview one of 2018's Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers



HOLLAND, Mich., July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- We are proud to announce that NET(net) has been officially recognized in the CIOReview Banking Technology Special Edition, for its IT Spend Optimization programs that enable Banking and Financial Services firms to optimize and reduce their strategic IT spend by an average of thirty three percent, enabling Banking organizations to better fund their digital transformation objectives.

NET(net)'s Founder & Chairman, Mr. Steven C. Zolman, says, "We're honored to be recognized for having been able to deliver meaningful results working with some of the world's most recognizable Banks and Financial Services firms to help them dramatically reduce cost and risk, and improve the recognition of value and benefit in their respective Technology Supply Chains.  By helping clients optimize these strategic investments, agreements and relationships, we empower them to overcome the pervasive issues that Banking and Financial Service firms suffer from today, which is being locked into role of technology laggards because they are paying a significant premium for legacy products and services over that of similar sized organizations in other industries, unfairly stifling innovation and damaging the bottom line.  Once we help to liberate our clients from this injustice, they are often able to invest considerably more, at a faster pace on digital transformation initiatives and other high value programs which speeds their time to value and increases their pace of innovation."

NET(net) CEO Ms. Kellsey D. Le added, "We are pleased to be named by CIOReview as one of 2018's Most Promising Banking and Technology Service Providers.  Drawing on our sixteen years of market knowledge, thousands of field engagements, and hundreds of billions of dollars of value captured, we find that nearly every new Banking and Financial Services client we work with significantly overpays for the technology they use to run their businesses.  We have designed a specific program to address this critical need called VMO (Vested Management Option), that is not only fully technology-enabled with our own custom suite of software tools for IT lifecycle investment optimization, but is also performance-based, and guarantees a positive return on investment, generally resulting in client ROIs of five hundred percent and more.  Our low risk and high value VMO model, as exemplified by this recognition from CIOReview, provides our clients with a full solution to minimize cost and risk, and maximize value and benefit."

About NET(net) – 

Celebrating over 15 years, NET(net) is the world's leading IT Investment Optimization firm, helping clients find, get and keep more economic and strategic value.  We have delivered over $250 Billion of client value captured for thousands of clients around the world in nearly all industries and geographies.

About CIOReview –  

CIOReview, a technology magazine, has been at the forefront of guiding organizations through the continuously disruptive landscape and providing enterprise solutions to redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow.

Media Contact: Dexter Siglin


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