Vested Management Option (VMO)

Comprehensive Program Built with a Guaranteed ROI

  • NET(net) Vested Management Option (VMO) is a unique program designed to help you minimize costs and risks in the technology supply chain, while concurrently maximizing the realization of value and benefit.
  • NET(net) will work closely with you to gather information, benchmark your costs, study optimization opportunities, collaborate on options, present findings and recommendations, and execute on supplier negotiations.
  • The program's professional services fees are paid for with the actual Savings generated, and we gain share for additional savings performance to retain alignment and focus on achieving optimization.
Find Value

Baseline & Benchmark Costs

Perform Market Gap Analysis

Identify and Prioritize Savings Opportunities

Get Value

Provide IT Cost Optimization Services

Provide Commercial Supplier Negotiations Services

Provide Contractual (Re) Negotiations Services

Keep Value

Minimize ongoing costs and risks

Maximize the realization of value and benefit

Provide ongoing supplier performance management services

Our VMO program is designed to help you capture value quickly (within the first 100 days) and provides ongoing management of the strategic savings and benefits plan for the following 3-years, including full support on all activities to harvest value from the IT supply chain.

The result? A world-class capability to minimize costs and risk in your IT supply chain (at no effective cost to you), plus a laser focused ongoing effort to maximize the realization of value and benefit of your IT supply (delivered on a low-cost performance basis).

Use our VMO Calculator to find the optimal solution for you:

Savings Calculator

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