NET(net) Acquires Orange Procurement Consulting (OPC)


14 November 2017
NET(net) :  


World’s Leading Cost and Value Optimization Firm for the Technology Supply Chain addressing unprecedented growth in Banking and Financial Services Industry.

NET(net) announces today it has acquired Orange Procurement Consulting (OPC), a firm that specializes in serving the unique and dynamic needs of the Financial Services industry, helping their customers reduce costs and risks in the technology supply chain, and improving the strategic sourcing and supplier performance management functions.

In a move that underscores NET(net)’s market leadership in IT cost and value optimization for the technology supply chain in Financial Services institutions, NET(net) will merge the services of OPC into its Financial Services division under the leadership of former OPC Managing Director Tjeerd Edelman, who now becomes the Executive Vice-President of Global Services for NET(net).

The OPC acquisition adds considerable experience and capacity to the NET(net) team, while enhancing its specialized focus on the Financial Services Industry.  OPC has a long track record of high achievement and dedicated industry service, helping its customers reduce IT costs and risks and improve the value of the technology supply chain.  Clients are based in the US, Europe, Latin America, and in the Asia Pacific region primarily, and include leading banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, among others.

NET(net) President & CEO, Ms. Kellsey D. Le, says, “In a detailed study of 29 major industries, we found that the Financial Services Industry trails its peers and ranks second to last in terms of what it pays to acquire the technology needed to run its business.  Because Financial Services organizations are information centric and margin rich, they often fall victim to supplier schemes and end up paying a very significant premium over market to acquire the very same technology other industries pay far less to obtain.  The acquisition of Orange Procurement Consulting and the addition of Tjeerd Edelman to our executive leadership team increases our market leading position and enables us to expand and deepen our capabilities in the Financial Services Industry, better serving this critical client demographic in a time of acute need.

Former OPC Managing Director and new Executive Vice-President of Global Services at NET(net), Tjeerd Edelman says, “Joining this team in support of its #1 growth strategy aligns our interests and capabilities to the market need and firmly establishes us as the leading voice for IT cost and value optimization of the technology supply chain in the Financial Services Industry.  This combination enables us to be highly focused on helping these clients significantly reduce costs and risks, while also accelerating the opportunity for them to maximize the realization of the value and benefit they receive from supplier agreements, investments, and relationships.

Mr. Steven C. Zolman, NET(net) Owner, Founder, Chairman and Chief Services Architect, added, “The Financial Services Industry is going through a major digital transformation.  Legacy environments are too costly and misaligned with the value to the business.  At the same time, clients are looking to make transformational investments with a bevy of disruptive suppliers in an effort to modernize their technology supply chain to one that is innovative, responsive, adaptable, real-time, and self-healing.  Clients are struggling to reduce costs on the one hand and increase investment on the other hand.  Our program for Financial Services clients addresses all these needs and more. With the acquisition of OPC, a leader in the Financial Services Industry, and the inclusion of Tjeerd Edelman on our team, a top performing industry veteran with the requisite experience to move the needle for our clients, we have increased our capacity, sharpened our skills, and extended our market leadership position, offering what is unquestionably the world’s very best capability in this space.  If you are in the Financial Services Industry and not working with NET(net) to cost and value optimize your technology supply chain, you are almost assuredly paying too much and not getting enough value.”

About Orange Procurement Consulting
Acquired by NET(net) in Q4 2017, Orange Procurement Consulting has a legacy of performance and centricity in the Financial Services Industry since 2012.  Orange has provided services to leading Banking and Financial Services companies on multiple continents around the world.  OPC Founder, Tjeerd Edelman is known in the industry as a thought leader in the management of technology including strategic sourcing, and supplier performance management, and has extensive experience with sophisticated business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

About NET(net)
Celebrating 15 years, NET(net) is the world’s leading IT Investment Optimization firm, helping clients find, get and keep more economic and strategic value. With over 2,500 clients around the world in nearly all industries and geographies, and with the experience of over 25,000 field engagements with over 250 technology suppliers in XaaS, Cloud, Hardware, Software, Services, Healthcare, Outsourcing, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and other areas of IT spend, resulting in incremental client captured value in excess of $250 billion since 2002. NET(net) has the expertise you need, the experience you want, and the performance you demand. Contact us today at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-2-NET-net to see if we can help you capture more value in your IT investments, agreements, and relationships.


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