Top 4 (of 100) Technology Review Platforms for 2021

Clients often ask how we can stay on top of the market due to its constantly changing nature, and our answer is simple. We are constantly researching and analyzing the market in real-time, availing ourselves of a variety of resources. First among those is our own FMI (Federated Market Intelligence) gathered from thousands of executed deals since 2002. It’s a luxury to have that kind of data to inform Client strategy and optimization. However, we do also frequently vet our own understanding of the market by using a variety of resources, including the major Technology Review Platforms.

If you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of Technology Review Platforms out there, and we have used and reviewed one hundred of them, so that you don’t have to. From that review, we have created and summarized our list of the Top 4 Technology Review Platforms for 2021.

Online research has transcended the relationship between buyer and seller, and the reputation economy has never been so global or virtual as it is now. Even in the enterprise, major technology suppliers are exposed to the “Zero Moment of Truth”. According to Google, in 2020, 31% of enterprises reported reading online endorsements, reviews, and/or recommendations prior to making purchasing decisions and those numbers are expected to continue to go up for the foreseeable future.

Clients today have become increasingly reliant on digital reputations, but we don’t have a TripAdvisor or Yelp for enterprise technology. Enter, Technology Review Platforms to assess the digital reputations of suppliers and products alike to dissuade or reaffirm your interest in a potential solution. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) however, as these are primarily ‘free’ services, and there is an axiom in technology that says, “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”

See our list of the Top 4 Technology Review Platforms below and let us know what you think!

1: G2 Crowd


Chicago-based G2 Crowd has over 400,000 reviews and lets users sort reviews by the reviewer's company size, organizational role, and industry. G2 Crowd rates vendors on a five-star system, but there is only one rating per review, and vendors are not given a star-rating for individual categories such as features or customer service. Reviews on G2 Crowd are typically lengthy and in-depth, as the website asks reviewers to answer specific questions on what they like and dislike about products, as well as the business problems they are solving and benefits they've realized. G2 is an excellent technology review platform; featuring ‘unbiased’ reviews from ‘validated’ sources so that buyers can make the most informed decisions possible. G2 promotes its own proprietary algorithm to filter fraudulent reviews from a company’s own employees or direct competitors, and the community layout allows viewers to vote as to whether reviews were found as helpful or not. The emphasis of G2 is on reviews, which can all be filtered and compared to competing product offerings making it one of our Top 4.


  • Advanced search to find what you want
  • In-depth and reliable user feedback data
  • Easy to understand product comparisons
  • Nice data visualization with grid reports


  • Free*
  • * While there is no cost to research and review products, G2 does sell services to suppliers, which may include sharing your site history at the company level (they call it ‘buyer intent data’). For example, if you are searching HCM solutions, those same providers will see that someone form your company has been looking at their products, which will likely result in their sending outreach and advertising directed to who they believe to be decision makers at your company. They even have ‘connectors’ that will share data directly to CRM platforms of their vendor/supplier customers.
2. TrustRadius


TrustRadius is a community of professionals sharing software reviews, having software discussions, and collaborating on best practices. TrustRadius doesn't have as many reviews (approximately 140,000), but the reviews they do have are generally high-quality, (averaging over 400 words in length), and each is authenticated and verified before it's published on the site. Reviews rate vendors on a scale of 1-10 and reviewers often give detailed responses to prompts such as; use case and deployment scope, pros and cons, return on investment, alternatives considered, and more. One of the great things about TrustRadius is that they don’t run paid ads, so this would seem to limit the ability of suppliers to try to try to create a conflict of interest and/or skew the review results. The platform also uses “TrustMaps” to organize products based on their review scores and research frequency, helping users’ further vet the validity of product value.


  • Honest, detailed, and in-depth reviews
  • User reviews require word counts, and are also paid
  • ROI, useability, and problem-solving analysis
  • Reviews of competitive alternatives


  • Free*
  • *Similar to G2, Trustradius also sells buyer intent data to suppliers/vendors, along with connectors that tie directly to their CRM platforms. They also sponsor events and webinars for their supplier customers to help them better take advantage of buyer intent data and bolster their Account Based Marketing outreach.
3. Capterra (Owned by Gartner)



Capterra has been owned by Gartner since 2015 and makes money by selling referrals and sales opportunities to vendors. As a powerful resource for comparing IT tools, boasts thousands of reviews in over 600 categories. Reviewers give their tools one to five stars on features and functionality, ease of use, and customer service, and a main score is pulled from the average of the three. Reviewers can also chime in on the overall pros and cons of the product in question. Capterra provides users with a wealth of additional information about products, including data on the starting price, pricing details, whether there is a free trial, deployment types, and available training options. What's more, users have the option of comparing two competing solutions head-to-head on Capterra.

Capterra is a great tool to use to discover software options. With more than 5 million monthly business software buyers using the platform and extensive product description and functionality features built into the listings, users can get a lot of great supplier provided information. The platform is driven by ads, and it is owned by Gartner, so some of the analysis likely favors and reflects the Gartner analysis.


  • See Validated customer reviews
  • Share your own product experiences
  • Timely reminders, software blogs, and data uploading
  • Gain access to independent research across hundreds of B2B software categories


  • Free*

*As stated above, Gartner offers services for Vendors. In fact, when you click on the Capterra link for ‘Vendors’ off their main page, you are redirected to a Gartner Digital Marketing page, where vendor offerings are available. For example, if a vendor signs up for a ‘Premium’ service, they get: increased product visibility, detailed campaign analytics and reporting, premium marketing services and content, and access to competitor analysis, buyer insight and intent tools.

4. IT Central Station

DescriptionIT central station

IT Central Station is a member-based peer review site which boasts over 300 thousand members who have reviewed products in over 600 market categories. Each reviewer must give their title, the size of their organization, and the industry that they work in, which makes for some very trustworthy reviews. Reviews rate products on a simple five-star basis, and reviewers give in-depth replies to several prompts, including features, pros and cons, and improvements the tool made for their organization. IT Central Station is unique because if offers much more in-depth categorization for products and services in categories as compared to its peers. Long-form question-and-answer style review formats ensure that high detail and high quality are emphasized from reviewers.


  • Vendor Ratings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Feature Analysis
  • Product Comparisons


  • Free*
  • *As with the other platforms, IT Central Station also provides services for vendors/suppliers for a fee which includes sponsored comparison pages (sponsored product with automatically appear in a competitors solution page), enhanced profiles (CTA buttons, buyer intent and identification at the company level), and lead generation tools.

The Remaining 5-100 others

  1. 360 Quadrants - comparison platform combining expert analysis and crowdsourced insights.
  2. AlternativeMe - platform for optimizing connections between a variety of software and product alternatives.
  3. AlternativeTo - Provide what application you want to replace and they give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations.
  4. Analyzo - find and compare the best software and services for your business.
  5. AppStorm – Features new web, desktop, and mobile apps.
  6. AppSumo - daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services.
  7. AppVita – Featuring the best in web applications.
  8. Astrogrowth – Software guides and comparisons to discover platforms for each category.
  9. BetterBuys - find, research, and select the right software and technology solutions for your organization.
  10.   io – provides their own experts who have direct experience and insights from being real software users.
  11. . Clutch - reviews and rankings of software trusted by top firms and decision makers
  12.   ComHQ – discover the right software and tools for your business.
  13. . CompareCamp - product reviews and comparisons.
  14. . Credence Apps & Reports – reviews from existing users
  15. . CrowdReviews - community-based research and rankings platform.
  16. . Crozdesk - web apps finder
  17. . Cue - research and select the best software and services to grow your business.
  18. . Cuspera - specializes on marketing software.
  19. DiscoverCloud - compare apps for businesses.
  20. . Erli Bird – Where Great New Products Are Born.
  21. eBool - Product finder with alternatives.
  22. . Expert Insights (Cybersecurity) - cloud-based cybersecurity solutions and services research.
  23. . Featured Customers - customer reference platform for B2B business software & services.
  24. . FeedMyApp – web & mobile apps reviewed.
  25. . Fitsmallbusiness - provides clear, comprehensive and actionable content.
  26. . GetApp (Owned by Gartner) – Review, compare, and evaluate small business software. GetApp has software offers, SaaS and Cloud Apps, independent evaluations, and reviews.
  27. . Get Tech Press – Get access to 3000+ tech journalists, Growth Hacks, Submit sites, Facebook groups, and more.
  28. . GoodFirms - authenticated reviews and research on prevailing software trends
  29. . Growing Page – Promote and rate new web applications for free.
  30. . IdeaSquares – an online space to crowdsource support and feedback for business ideas.
  31. . IT Qlick - Software buyers resource with directory, free TCO pricing calculator, buyer guides, reports and head-to-head software comparisons.
  32. . Kickoff Boost – Released a product or app? Submit it and get an instant boost in traffic.
  33. . ly – a search on Listly can produce dozens of lists with great tools.
  34. . Makeuseof – a destination for learning more about technology and the many ways that it can improve your life.
  35. . Mattermark – Research, prospect, and track the fastest-growing private companies with deal intelligence
  36. . Netted – the best apps, products, and services that make your life better.
  37. . Osalt (discontinued)
  38. . PATResearch (Predictive Analytics Today) - B2B discovery platform which provides analysis, ratings, research, reviews, commentary, comparisons, best practices, and buying guides for Enterprise Software and Services.
  39. . Promote Project – Showcased projects from around the world.
  40. . ProductHunt – ProductHunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone’s talking about.
  41. . SaaSHub – The independent software marketplace.
  42. . SaaSGenius - search for software designed for online use.
  43. . SaaSScout (formerly SoftwareFindr) - Product Research Platform powered by Big Data and AI.
  44.  .SaaSWorthy - unbiased & insightful reviews, comparison, Q&A, social popularity, and buyers' guides.
  45. . SelectHub - locate and select the right software to meet your needs.
  46. . Serchen - Software marketplace and match maker.
  47. . Siftery – Discover products that are a great fit for your company.
  48. . SocialCompare - a collaborative community-based comparison engine.
  49. . SoftwareAdvice (Owned by Gartner) - provides research and user reviews on software applications.
  50. . SoftwareConnect - phone consultations to simplify software searches.
  51. . SoftwarePundit - in depth software reviews.
  52. . SoftwareSuggest - business software discovery platform with reviews and comparisons.
  53. . SoftwareWorld - software review and rating website.
  54. . SolutionsReview - a collection of technology news sites that aggregates curates, and creates content to connect buyers of enterprise technology to sellers.
  55. . SourceForge - web service that offers a centralized location to control and manage open source software projects.
  56. . Springwise – Join the world’s largest idea spotter network.
  57. . Stacklist – A curated guide and founders’ reviews for business tools to grow your startup.
  58. . Stackshare – Discover, discuss, and share the best dev tools and services.
  59. . Storage Review (Storage) -
  60. TechnologyAdvice (Owned by Gartner) - is a resource for both buyers and sellers of business technology.
  61. . Technology Evaluation Centers - is an impartial advisory firm, helping customers find the best software to fit their needs.
  62. . TechnologyCounter - connecting buyers and sellers of business software.
  63. . The Startup INC – an initiative to helps startups thrive and succeed in this highly competitive market.
  64. . ToolOwl – A site that reviews tools.
  65. . Top Best Alternatives - is a crowdsourced software discovery and recommendation engine.
  66. . Top Ten Reviews - provides reviews on products categorized according to each product groupings and displayed in an easy-to-follow format.
  67. . Topio Networks – provides detailed intelligence about use cases, verticals, and industries.
  68. . Trustpilot – consumer reviews. Get the real inside story from shoppers like you. Read, write, and share reviews.

Startup Focused

  1. BetaPage – Browse, discover, hunt startups, and new ideas.
  2. Beta List – Beta List provides an overview of upcoming internet startups. Discover and get early access to the future.
  3. Crazy about Startups – Features any startup.
  4. Crunchbase – CrunchBase is the definitive database of the startup ecosystem. The Business Graph connects companies, people, products, and events to provide the data that you need.
  5. Killer Startups – Startup reviews, inspiration, ideas, and news.
  6. Launched! – a community where makers showcase their startup/product and get feedback from early adopters.
  7. Launching Next – The world’s most promising startups.
  8. NextBigWhat – Indian startups, founders, CXOs, and Product Marketers.
  9. Pressfarm – Find journalists to write about your startup.
  10. . Promotehour – List of the best places to review startup
  11. . Rate My Startup – Featured startups.
  12. . Reddit Startups – a forum of entrepreneurs working towards unbiased and anonymous feedback, advice, ideas, and discussion.
  13. . Startup Beat – takes a new and improved look at startups from around the world.
  14. . co – helps startups get customers, press, funding, and mentors.
  15. . Startup Buffer – We know how hard is to promote your startup. We are here to help!
  16. . Startup Inspire – Submit and promote your Startup
  17. . Startup Ranking – ranking of startups based on the importance of a startup and its social influence.
  18. . st – Find, follow, and recommend startups.
  19. . StartUpLift – insightful, actionable feedback.
  20. . TechCrunch – TechCrunch profiles startups, reviewing new products & breaking news.
  21. . The Startup Project – coverage of exciting new startups online.

News / Research / Financial Sites that sometimes have Good IT / Pricing Data

  1. FinancesOnline - compares software and provides a brief on price, functions and features.
  2. Hacker News – a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.
  3. Motley Fool - is a private investing and advice tool
  4. Owler - members can research, track, and follow companies in real time, gaining competitive insights in the process with news alerts, company profiles, and polls.
  5. PCMag – top software review site with copious amounts of content.
  6. Quora– a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.
  7. Zoominfo - Get B2B intelligence that businesses rely on to identify, engage, and close ideal buyers.


  • So, what did you think of our list?
  • Did we put anyone on the list you think is not deserving?
  • Did we forget anyone on the list that you think deserves to be on it?

Sound off and let us know!

If you would like to compare the features of any of these suppliers head-to-head, you can do that on our private sourcing and supplier management platform WIN(win). Sign up and access the ‘Technology Review Platforms’ Rapid RFx here, and choose it from the drop down menu.

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