NET(net) To Focus On Healthcare IT Optimization Services

Steven Zolman
Jan. 5,2011 |

White Paper Identifies Top 10 Reasons Why Most Pay Too Much

Holland, Mich., – NET(net), Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive IT Investment Optimization Services, has announced the formation of NET(net) Healthcare, an industry specific solution designed to proactively address head on the issues of healthcare technology overspend.

“Despite the growing pressure to reduce costs, healthcare organizations continue to pay an unnecessary premium for IT systems, software and services, “said NET(net) CEO Steven Zolman. “While you might expect healthcare organizations to have a high technology investment, we have found that the premium is too high in both functional areas as well as operations. Our goal is to help align our healthcare clients with an Optimum Value Point in all their technology investments.”

NET(net) Healthcare services bring together industry expertise, Federated Market Intelligence, proven industry best practices for IT optimization, and a patented negotiation methodology to help healthcare organizations find, get and keep value.

In concert with the announcement, NET(net) has released a white paper entitled Top 10 Reasons Why Healthcare Organizations Pay WAY TOO MUCH for IT. The paper dispels any reason why healthcare organizations should pay a premium for technology, even with the life-dependent nature of the investments, and why change is difficult, yet achievable.

“Most organizations have great functional expertise and excellent procurement practices, but they lack the buy side and sell side experience as well as the market knowledge to achieve levels of optimization that our clients routinely achieve. This 360 perspective is what is required to obtain the Optimum Value Point in IT investments, ” continues Zolman. “This is as true in manufacturing as it is in healthcare; the healthcare premium has become somewhat sacred, but is ultimately a needless additional cost.”

NET(net) Healthcare provides the full spectrum of Advisory, Optimization and Negotiation, and Managed Services resulting in dramatically improved strategic and economic value to the client organization. NET(net) Healthcare is available in Asia, the Americas, and in Europe, and is available in North America through NET(net), Inc. More information on NET(net) Healthcare is available by calling 616.546.3100 or by emailing us at

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