NET(net) Announces Major New Release - WIN(win)™ Version 1.2

Steven Zolman
Jul. 31,2014 |

GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands, July 31, 2014 - NET(net), the world’s leading provider of comprehensive IT Investment Optimization Services, has announced another major new release of its award-winning platform WIN(win)™, the world’s only fully Technology Enabled Business Process-as-a-Service (TEBPaaS) for Strategic Sourcing and Strategic Supplier
Management. WIN(win) provides a Strategic Sourcing Portal that helps clients discover, evaluate, vet, score, and select technology suppliers and solutions that meet their needs, and helps technology suppliers find qualified buyers who are looking for solutions that match supplier offerings.  WIN(win) also provides a cloud-based Strategic Supplier Management Portal that focuses on achieving maximum performance of the agreement, the investment, and the relationship between the parties.

Building on its initial 1.0 product launch in January 2014 of its Strategic Supplier Performance Management Portal, and a successful 1.1 release of its Strategic Sourcing Portal in April 2014, WIN(win)’s version 1.2 (released July 2) features powerful new management dashboards that empower stakeholders at all levels to immediately visualize and assess their Strategic Sourcing Projects and their Strategic Supplier Management Portfolios.  With the addition of executive dashboards, major enhancements now enable anyone to create, assign, and manage critical KPIs and contractual SLAs in a matter of seconds.  In addition, WIN(win) has added rich new features in the Strategic Sourcing Portal that brings buyers and suppliers together in a way that facilitates immediate communication, real-time interaction, and strong collaboration in the process of bidding, evaluation, selection and contracting for various technology projects.

JT Global Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, John Kent, says, “We have used WIN(win) to capture more value in our strategic sourcing efforts and retain more value in our strategic supply chain and the results have been brilliant.  Not only are we getting the right solutions for our business at market best pricing and with industry leading terms and conditions, we are also proactively managing the ongoing strategic value from our supply chain across our agreements, investments and relationships via WIN(win).  We have saved millions, generated millions more in strategic value and enhanced the level of partnership and accountability with our most strategic suppliers.  The technology-enabled business process as a service from NET(net), powered by WIN(win), has given us a world class strategic sourcing and strategic supplier management capability that helps us consistently punch above our weight with a proven industry best practice and fully integrated service delivery model.”

NET(net) President and CEO, Kellsey D. Le, says, “Launching the WIN(win) platform earlier this year was a major accomplishment to complement NET(net)’s IT Investment Optimization Services, but listening to the experts – our clients – and enhancing the system with two feature rich releases creates more value in our client base.  In the 1.2 version, we delivered a new set of dashboard tools that not only renders the most critical information front and center about our clients’ technology agreements, investments, and relationships – but does so in a way that is both easy to understand and enables rapid and impactful decision making.  We are also very excited to see the enhanced interactions between clients and suppliers in the WIN(win) Strategic Sourcing portal.”

NET(net) Founder, Owner, Chairman, and Chief Services Architect, Steven C. Zolman, says, “The WIN(win) team continues to enhance a world-class platform.  In the 1.2 release of WIN(win),  we delivered a synthesized graphical user interface across the entire platform to incorporate the highly favored chevron tracking and sequential wizard workflows, which not only gives the platform a consistent look and feel across both portals, it also responds to strong subscriber preferences.  We also produced a simplified management interface that includes executive dashboards that offer key decision makers a better understanding of the complex data, an easier and better decision making process, and an accelerated time to value.  We further enhanced the client and supplier interactions with simple and quick project communications, highly robust and effective collaboration features, and full project auditing capabilities.”

About NET(net)
NET(net) is the world’s only fully technology-enabled consultancy exclusively specializing in full service IT Investment Optimization.  We help clients Find, Get and Keep more economic and strategic value in their Agreements, Investments and Relationships. With clients around the world in nearly all industries and geographies, and with the experience of thousands of field engagements with hundreds of suppliers, we have helped clients capture billions of incremental value.  NET(net) is a global disruptive industry force for the good of buyers and sellers in the marketplace.  We have the expertise you need, the experience you want, and deliver the performance you demand to help you save money and improve value.  Contact your NET(net) representative, email us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-2-NET-net today to see if we can help you capture more value.

About WIN(win)
WIN(win) is a technology platform, delivered by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and offered as a Technology Enabled Business Process as a Service (TEBPaaS), that brings buyers and sellers together to create winning markets and winning relationships.  The WIN(win) platform is the world's only fully technology-enabled and automated business process for both strategic sourcing and strategic supplier management of the professional supply chain and is available to everyone from do it yourselfers – looking for a tool to improve their own performance, to business executives – looking for an outsourced and fully managed performance based solution, and is offered via a SaaS subscription model or a monthly service fee respectively.  WIN(win) provides a cloud-based IT Marketplace focusing on the discovery, evaluation and social vetting of supplier solutions, that creates an exchange for clients to find suppliers that have the capabilities they need, and for suppliers to find qualified buyers who are looking for solutions that match applicable supplier offerings. WIN(win) also provides a cloud-based strategic supplier management portal that focuses on maximizing performance of the agreement, the investment, and the relationship between the parties.

We welcome communications relating to WIN(win).  Email us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-203-8774 for further information.

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