Oracle's SIA Group: You've Been Warned

Matt Ryan
Jan. 31,2019 | Software Oracle Cloud

I’m sure your organization is used to fifty calls per week from Oracle.  You likely have thirty sales reps calling everyone from custodial services to the Chief Executive Officer to gain more information from you:

  • What’s your IT roadmap?
  • Do you know we have a 'cloud' for everything?
  • What is your cloud migration strategy?
  • What is your budget? Can we have more of it?

From the cold callers to the executives, Oracle sales are trained in tactics to acquire as much information about your organization as possible. 

Their endgame is simple: force you into a sale (probably cloud) or catch you out of compliance.  And of course, your being out of compliance equals leverage for Oracle in extracting more budget from you.

As some of you may know, Oracle recently formed a new group whose primary mission is intelligence gathering: Software Investment Advisory (SIA).  Their messaging to Oracle customers is that they will help you with your assets and “maximize your value”.  In other words they would like you to tell them everything about your deployments so they can strategize with plans to “help you.”  Sounds eerily similar to "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you", which has long been a joke, but there is nothing funny about Oracle's SIA group.

It is wise to know that SIA is a branch that was broken out from Oracle’s notorious License Management Services (LMS) – better known as the Audit Division.  The same Oracle employees who used to audit and overstate compliance gaps have now been transformed and are here now to maximize your value!  In reality,  using SIA is going through an Oracle audit without LMS having to invoke the audit clause

What happens when you give SIA all your information and they respond that you are $5 million out of compliance?  It will only be a matter a time until your sales or audit team will be knocking at your door proposing licensing and services you either don’t want or aren’t ready for.

PLEASE don’t be fooled by this group.  They are not your friend or partner, they are simply there to help Oracle drive revenue.  SIA certainly does not exist to help you spend less money.

NET(net) provides our clients with a third party, independent value assessment of Oracle assets and deployments.  Before you are audited directly or are thinking about engaging with Oracle’s SIA group, please call us first.  Talk to our experts before you take any actions so we can give you unbiased market information that will maximize your position and deployments.  We have sixteen years of experience helping clients safely navigate through software compliance questions, and we can help you too.

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