WIN(win) App Now Available to NET(net) Clients in all App Stores

We have now made WIN(win) accessible via mobile app on both Android and Apple devices, so our Clients now have anytime access to all their relevant engagement details.

From the mobile app, Clients can access all their:

  • Deliverables
  • Reports
  • Savings Dashboards
  • Documents 
  • Chat with NET(net) Team Members and more...

mobile screens for article

To view and download the WIN(win) mobile app, please visit one of these links:

Android Store

Apple Store 

If you are an existing Client and need to sign up for a WIN(win) account, please visit our signup page here.  If you are unsure how to access your existing WIN(win) account, please contact your NET(net) representative for assistance and or use the Contact Us link on this page.

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