NET(net) Announces Executive Appointment

Dexter Siglin
Jul. 1,2015 |


NET(net), the global leader in Technology Investment Optimization and Supplier Lifecycle Management Services, today announced an appointment that will further build on the Company’s premier brand in the marketplace.

Dexter Siglin has been named Vice President of Marketing and Business Development effective immediately. Dexter brings extensive experience to the position having both led established sales and marketing teams previously, as well as building them from the ground up.

“We are excited to announce this appointment as it represents a progression to the next level in the growth of the firm,” said Kellsey Le, President and CEO of NET(net). “With the continued globalization of the NET(net) brand, and the expansion of the service lines, the criticality for a consistent market message has never been higher. In addition, the pursuit of capturing value is getting more complex and moving deeper into the unknown needs of our clients and prospects, therefore, we now have a greater need for business development to identify latent opportunities for value improvements. We’re confident Dexter’s experience and contributions will propel NET(net) further.”

“To say that we’re excited about the opportunities in front of us at NET(net) would be an understatement,” said Dexter Siglin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “NET(net)’s passion for delivering the best possible client experience, coupled with the rapid pace of innovation around it's strategic supplier management platform WIN(win), allow it to deliver a complete end to end solution around it’s Find, Get, and Keep Value services. The ability to leverage their technology enabled services platform and Federated Market Intelligence, mapped to a perfected methodology around strategic supplier management, are all assets that will continue to both define NET(net)’s differentiation in the market, and create exponential incremental value for it's clients.”

Preceding this appointment, Dexter was the Vice President of Client Services for NET(net)’s Strategic Supplier Management platform, WIN(win). Having guided the Client Experience in WIN(win) from inception to now having over $2B USD of spend under management, NET(net) is poised to further leverage both brands in expanding its global footprint. Before joining the WIN(win) team, Dexter was a Founding Employee of xPeerient (acquired by NET(net)), and also led the Sales and Marketing effort at CIO Magazine’s, CIO Executive Council where annual revenues more than doubled in his tenure.

About NET(net)
NET(net) is the world’s only fully technology-enabled consultancy exclusively specializing in full service IT Investment Optimization. We help clients Find, Get and Keep more economic and strategic value in their Agreements, Investments and Relationships. With clients around the world in nearly all industries and geographies, and with the experience of thousands of field engagements with hundreds of suppliers, we have helped clients capture billions of incremental value. NET(net) is a global disruptive industry force for good. We have the expertise you need, the experience you want, and deliver the performance you demand to help you save money, improve value, and enhance supplier relationships. Contact your NET(net) representative, email us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-2-NET-net today to see if we can help you capture more value in your technology supply chain.

About WIN(win)
WIN(win) brings buyers and sellers together to create winning markets and winning relationships. The WIN(win) platform is the world's only fully technology-enabled and automated business process for both strategic sourcing and strategic supplier management of the technology supply chain and is available to everyone from do it yourselfers – looking for a tool to improve their own performance, to business executives – looking for an outsourced and fully managed performance based solution, and is offered via a subscription or a monthly service fee. We welcome communications relating to WIN(win). Email us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1-866-203-8774 for further information.

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