COVID-19 Update and Potential Business Impact

Kellsey Le
Mar. 4,2020 |

Due to the continuing outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, NET(net) wants to update you on the potential impact to our business.

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our employees - and yours - is a top concern and priority for us as an organization.  In this regard and consistent with recommendations issued by the CDC and WHO, we recognize that travel, particularly to areas that have experienced significant impact, should be curtailed.  We also realize that individual employees may want to limit their own travel until such time as authorities can provide necessary assurances and get the virus under control.  Other employees – at our company and yours – may also prefer to limit contact with those from outside their immediate area.

In addition, any outbreak of the virus affecting our employees may, in the near term, impact NET(net)’s ability to respond to you in a timely manner. We ask you to please work with us in managing any such situation.

While NET(net) is monitoring the situation very closely to assess how the outbreak and employee concerns may affect current and upcoming assignments, to help ensure business continuity we will be erring on the side of caution and therefore may limit on-site client visits and other planned activities, including our attendance at upcoming trade shows and other events.  Taking these steps now can help us – and your company – to better plan, prepare and protect our people and our individual business operations.

Nevertheless, during this period of escalated concern we remain committed to ensuring the continuity of our services to the best of our ability and stand prepared to assist you, via remote resources if necessary, in meeting your business needs. We will also try to keep you apprised of future developments that may impact our company’s level and means of responsiveness.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Sue Zolman directly.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Kellsey Le, President & CEO

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