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Top 5 Ways to Save on Microsoft (THIS JUNE)

Steven Zolman
Jun. 12,2023 | Microsoft

Hey, it's June - and you know what that means; Microsoft's Fiscal Year-end. In late June in the northern hemisphere, we experience the longest days of the year, with the most daylight. Isn't it ironic then that Microsoft's fiscal year-end is also in June, as it seems they would prefer to keep customers in the dark about how they can reduce costs on Microsoft with no diminution of business value. Microsoft's most active month of the year for doing deals and renewals is June, and as a result, it is also the best time of the year to claim disproportionate value in your Microsoft agreements, investments, deployments, and relationships. Clients ...

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Debunking Microsoft Part 2: Licensing & Product Terms

This is part two of an ongoing series we call Debunking Microsoft where we address the ongoing disinformation, half-truths, and mysticism surrounding its own products as it relates to Customer licensing, usage, contracts, terms, pricing, and much more. In part one, we addressed what we frequently hear from clients which is that Microsoft has told them around using their own licenses in a cloud other than their own. Words to the effect of... “You can’t use your existing Microsoft licenses on non-Microsoft clouds such as Amazon or Google.” In part two, we deep dive into the licensing and product use terms that many Microsoft customers get ...

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Debunking Microsoft Series Part 1: FUD Around Bringing Your Own License to Other Cloud Providers

Scott Braden
Mar. 14,2023 | SaaS Microsoft Cloud

This is part 1 of an ongoing series we call ‘Debunking Microsoft’ where we address the ongoing disinformation, half-truths, and mysticism surrounding its own products as it relates to Customer licensing, usage, contracts, terms, pricing, and much more. In part one, we address what we frequently hear from clients; that Microsoft has told them regarding usage of their own licenses in a cloud other than Microsoft's.....words to the effect of “You can’t use your existing Microsoft licenses on non-Microsoft clouds such as Amazon or Google.” Well, that’s not true and Microsoft knows it. This is just one case of Microsoft’s constant and consistent ...

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Six More Things You Haven’t Done to Optimize Your Microsoft Costs (why not?)

We know. Making a difference can be tough in IT given the multiple layers of bureaucracy, sacred cows, and politics that is ever present in almost every organization. And of course, there are often sound and practical reasons why change is not a good idea, but what is almost always a good idea, is to at least investigate and plan for change. Only in this way are you actually ready (mentally and physically) to propose and follow through with it. So, as you read through the below items, some may sound familiar and or best practices while others could be a fresh initiative to take on that may get you on the path of significantly lowering your ...

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June is Coming, What’s Microsoft Going to Surprise You with This Time?

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that’s about due to renew. Most of Microsoft EA’s expire / renew in June because that’s Microsoft’s fiscal year-end. Of course, here we are in late May and so the fun has barely started! A few questions to ask yourself: Did you get your renewal quotes back yet? How are you liking the massive price increases compared to your expiring deal? Happy with those? Has Microsoft been exceptionally accommodating and responsive throughout the process? If you answered yes to all the above - good. No need to keep reading. For the 99% of the rest of you, ...

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Memo to CFOs: 6 Things IT Didn't Tell You About Microsoft Spend

The pace of change today is to say the least – breakneck. Leveraging tech to get closer to your customers, drive revenue, and increase margin (i.e., save money) is at the forefront of initiatives for most companies. At the same time, layer in the levels of complexity in understanding every supplier’s value add in that mission, along with each having their own rules for pricing, agreement frameworks, and legal terms, it’s no wonder companies frequently have sub-optimized supplier agreements, investments, and relationships. One area that I have focused on in the last three decades specifically, is Microsoft. I’ve negotiated and reviewed ...

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Guide: Selecting the Right Microsoft LSP (Licensing Solution Partner)

Microsoft has always been a Partner-centric company. While it’s common to talk about Microsoft Enterprise Agreements as being “direct deals,” in every case there is a Partner involved. Microsoft calls these “Licensing Solutions Partners” and they are certified by Microsoft to be competent in the details of Microsoft’s enterprise volume licensing deals. At NET(net) we hear many of the same questions from our clients about how these relationships work, and what exactly the role of the LSP should be. What is an LSP? An LSP is a Microsoft Partner who is authorized by Microsoft to be named as the Partner of record in enterprise licensing deals. ...

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Microsoft Still Number One in the Audit Game

The adage goes: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Although technology moves at a rapid pace, the predatory behavior of software vendors does not really change. Certainly, it works for them as the numbers show: Microsoft net income: $44.2B Oracle net income: $14.1B IBM profit: $5.6B Not coincidentally, these are the top 3 suppliers most likely to audit you according to a recent ITAM study of 465 IT Executives conducted by Flexera. This fact comes as no surprise to us, as we wrote about this in 2019 in an article titled: The Top 10 Audit Crazy Suppliers, where our top 3 mirrored the IT Executive survey exactly. In fact, 9 ...

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Microsoft Pricing and EA Evolution: Disruptor to Dominator

Prior to establishing Microsoft, Gates and Allen had already formed another company while they were both still students at a high school in Seattle. They designed a computer system that automatically processed traffic counting data called Traf-O-Data. The aim of this was to read the raw data that was produced by roadway traffic counters and transform these into reports for traffic engineers. Apparently, they had a limited amount of success with the company, but it helped them to develop the computer programming skills that was instrumental in founding Microsoft. It also gave them the opportunity to develop their business skills, turning ...

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Calling All Budget Heroes: Seven Strategic Supplier Strategies for Year End

As we've been saying for months, post (hopefully) pandemic Market Conditions are ripe for you to act in driving business value into your company. If you've ever dreamed of being the budget hero, this is it. With the tumult in the supplier marketplace around M&As, shifts of products to the cloud, small company disruptions, the supplier competition has never been as robust. Once you digest the list below and want more, we're happy to talk. There's nothing we like better than chatting about how to get more value from technology suppliers - especially now. Big Software SAP Nearly 100% of SAP deals come due in December. This is driven by ...

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