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Opportunity in Chaos: WFA Enablement can Help Clients Reduce Costs by Up to 75%

Changes in the market forcing clients to embrace Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) employees creates opportunities for clients to transform technology enablement; improving collaboration, increasing productivity and corporate knowledge management, while reducing security threats and end user computing costs (by as much as 67-75% in ideal cases). The 2020 scramble to re-equip and upgrade workers to enable productivity “from home” or “from anywhere” has changed the nature of end-user computing, maybe forever. However, our clients continue to seek ways to help employees, contractors, suppliers, and customer ecosystems to collaborate better, boosting ...

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Considering DaaS (Desktop as a Service)?

We’ve recently seen an uptick in interest and attention for the “Desktop as a Service” category. Spoiler Alert DaaS is just outsourcing and managed services, wrapped in a sparkly new layer of internet marketing speak. If you’re continuing to run local desktop apps that require Windows, then the fundamental TCO won't change much. In fact, your overall long-term costs per user may increase. DaaS is merely shifting the costs and spreading them around in slightly different ways. The Market There are many options and variations of this format depending on what the priorities are. Supplier options might vary depending on your security ...

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