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The Top 5 Ways to Save on Kyndryl

As you may remember, in last year’s blog entitled: Time to Defuse Your Kyndryl Deal BEFORE it Detonates We illuminated a number of insights and outlined a number of recommendations to help clients disarm their Kyndryl deals before the ticking time bombs blew up in their faces. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many clients suffered from rising input costs and softening business forecasts, and when considering a somewhat gloomy macro-economic outlook and the expected coming headwinds, decided to cut back in discretionary areas of spend. In the process of canceling projects, delaying purchases, and making cuts in discretionary spending, many ...

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Time to Defuse Your Kyndryl Deal BEFORE it Detonates

Introduction Kyndryl is the new name for IBM’s managed infrastructure services business (what they refer to as IBM Global Technology Services), which spun out of IBM in November of 2021. Over the last 10+ years, IBM has fallen from a technology titan to a member of the walking dead, so how must Kyndryl feel about itself knowing that it is the discarded most unwanted stepchild of this unholy monster? Unlike Microsoft, IBM has proven unable to reinvent itself as a cloud company. IBM was very well positioned to become a big benefactor of the cloud revolution, and the explosion of the data center utility model, but IBM continues to suffer from a ...

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