Opportunity in Chaos: WFA Enablement can Help Clients Reduce Costs by Up to 75%

Changes in the market forcing clients to embrace Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) employees creates opportunities for clients to transform technology enablement; improving collaboration, increasing productivity and corporate knowledge management, while reducing security threats and end user computing costs (by as much as 67-75% in ideal cases).

The 2020 scramble to re-equip and upgrade workers to enable productivity “from home” or “from anywhere” has changed the nature of end-user computing, maybe forever.  However, our clients continue to seek ways to help employees, contractors, suppliers, and customer ecosystems to collaborate better, boosting productivity and results, and by delivering services from remote locations while also protecting the enterprise from sophisticated and changing security threats (both internal and external), while ensuring compliance with ever-increasing regulations.

As with all major changes, opportunity can be harvested from within the chaos if you know where to look.  NET(net) has identified a series of new opportunities that resulted from the organizational changes made to cope with the COVID pandemic, that when implemented, can result in substantial cost reductions now and into the future. 

For example, a client with 1,000 end users working from home will spend about $3.5 million over 3 years to furnish them with the hardware and software they need to perform their job functions​.  A fully cost-optimized solution that considers the market changes and new opportunities presented for these WFA workers, provides the same business value, but can be achieved for costs of $1.5 million over those same 3 years​ - resulting in $2 million in savings (over 57%) over 3 years – not to mention also improving the key metrics of user engagement, proper use of the corporate information tools, and reducing security risks.

Here are a few simple questions to consider, to begin to evaluate the potential size and scope of your opportunity:

  • What are you doing around WFH / WFA now that the initial COVID-19 scramble is settling down? 
  • What is your longer-term thought (e.g., do you plan to bring employees back to offices, soon, or ever)?​ Are you making long term changes to your business and IT strategies?
  • How are you handling legacy end user / desktop applications that are not SaaS / web enabled?​
  • Do you track TCO for end user computing? Is that an important metric in your IT planning?​
  • Do you track collaboration tool usage / engagement, along with other metrics such as security incidents prevented?
  • Has COVID changed your end user computing strategy at all?  How so?
    • If you purchased new hardware to send home with workers, what is your expected lifecycle for that equipment? 
    • Do you expect to continue to replace that hardware on normal lifecycles into the future?
    • Are you looking at DaaS (desktop as a service)?  Why is that interesting to you?​
    • Has your end user support model changed because of COVID / WFH?
    • What new applications or usage policies have you deployed to support WFH? 
    • Are you seeking new applications or use patterns to improve collaboration, governance, and security?

A brief consultation with NET(net) to discuss these and other related topics, will most likely result in discovery of ideas that can substantially reduce the costs involved in maintaining “the new normal” while also improving user engagement, collaboration tool use, and reducing security risks.  To schedule your discussion, contact us here, and someone will get back to you today.

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