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We help Clients all over the world cost & value optimize their technology portfolio spend.  Try our calculator below to see your potential Savings and Benefits (includes PDF output):

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...Incremental Client Value Captured since 2002


...Clients in virtually every Industry and Geography


...Professionally Managed Field Engagements

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Find Value by vetting potential opportunities for value improvements by socially vetting suppliers in your technology supply chain with a strong peer network


Find Value by analysis of your current supplier spend and identification of key opportunities to improve economic and/or strategic value


Find Value by utilizing a proven and disciplined supplier evaluation and selection process that reduces subjectivity and risk, and improves performance and value


We review and analyze select supplier relationships, and oversee and remedy any critical issues that come up, maintaining custom supplier management plans, non-standard escalation paths, and executive level relationships.


We monitor and govern select supplier investments, and proactively and strategically manage financial performance, reconciling any discrepancies, and remediating any errors.


We’ll leverage our patented negotiation methodologies, and provide decision support and/or “at the bargaining table” supplier negotiations assistance to ensure you get the protections and flexibility you need to capture maximum value in your commercial arrangement.


We review and analyze select supplier agreements, and input contract meta data into our contract management tool, identifying key date-related provisions, setting meaningful alerts and notifying you proactively when action is required.


We’ll leverage our proprietary tools to analyze your organizational requirements, and evaluate all the available supplier options, and will bring to life alternative deal permutations that meet your needs, but offer better economic and/or strategic value from the supplier solution.


We’ll leverage our federated market intelligence to benchmark your agreements, investments, and relationships, and perform a gap analysis between the economic and strategic value of your deals versus market optimized conditions to highlight your opportunities for improvement.

Your Suppliers

In your technology supply chain, suppliers will have their own goals and ambitions and will have incentives to promote their innovations, highlight their capabilities, sell their wares and position their ecosystem partners.

The Market

In the market you’ll find general opportunities to lower costs and automate your business to capitalize on first-mover market advantages to find solutions for special projects or specific markets, industries and geographies and you’ll be subject to certain limitations and regulatory markets.


Those things that are good between your supplier and the market although they might be bearable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for your company.

Your Company

In your company, you’ll have needs, ambitions, organizational objectives, priorities, budgets, capabilities, infrastructure and demographics that are all unique to you.


Those things that are good between your company and your suppliers, although they may be equitable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for the market.


Those things that are good between the market and your company, although they may be viable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for your suppliers.


At NET(net), we focus on helping clients build sustainability that takes the very best of all these elements, in the end, this model has proven to help our clients reduce the costs to serve the business by 40% and has dramatically improved strategic value and supplier performance.

Our Managed Savings Programs capture all of Net(net)'s Find, Get and Keep Value optimizations.
Try our Savings Cloud calculator to see which managed program is right for your organization:

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Why our Services Matter

IT Buyers pay a 40% Premium for the Technology that runs their organizations.


NET(net) Clients pay 32% to 60% less than their peers for the same technology with our FMI and Price Benchmarking.

Our Federated Market Intelligence powers real time Benchmark Reports:


Stop Overpaying for Technology. Click Here for a Benchmark Report from our WIN(win) Platform and Get the Market Intelligence You Need to Start Optimizing Your Technology Supply Chain

The NET(net) Difference

Federated Market

NET(net) has developed a proprietary database that contains 17 years worth of deals, pricing, and negotiated terms. We optimize thousands of deals every year across all technology categories - so we know how to fully optimize terms and pricing for any agreement.

Proven Best Practices for Supplier
Lifecycle Cost & Value Optimization

Most IT organizations don’t negotiate major technology agreements every day. A company might negotiate one of their top 10 agreements every few years - we do it every single day with the largest technology suppliers in the world.

Skilled Experts with a blended specialization of IT and Commercial Negotiations expertise
We have subject matter expertise with the requisite experience to cost optimize complex operating
environments. In most cases, our SME's know the supplier's business, better than the supplier knows themselves, with each averaging over 25 years of experience.

Global Experience, Category Expertise, and a Culture of Performance

Minimize Cost & Risk and Maximize the Realization of Value & Benefit

You Want

25 years of experience (on average)

Across 2,500 clients in virtually every industry & geography

You Need

7 major IT cost categories

Over 25,000 supplier  engagements on behalf  of our clients

You Demand

Over 33% Savings on Average

Over $250 billion of  incremental Client Value  captured since 2002


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