As a Global IT Optimization leader, NET(net) has the information, tools, and capabilities you need to stay ahead of the market, by working with us behind the deal.

NET(net) has the experience you want, the expertize you need, and the performance you demand to help you maximize the economic and strategic value in your technology agreements, investments, and relationships.  Our team of seasoned professionals averages over 24 years of experience and has both client and supply side expertise in technology, finance, operations, procurement, legal, and supplier and contract management. We have hundreds of clients around the world in virtually every industry, and we have professionally managed thousands of engagements in the field, resulting in billions of savings and benefits.

Regardless of your size, your level of expertise, your industry or geography, or where you are in the lifecycle of your technology agreements, investments, and relationships, NET(net) can help you find value in your technology supply chain, get value in your technology marketplace, and keep value in your organization. Get started today.

find value

Find Value In Your IT Supply Chain

NET(net)'s Find Value Services focus on uncovering latent value in your Technology Supply Chain by analyzing supplier spend, identifying key opportunities for improvements, socially vetting those potential opportunities with a trusted peer network, and by utilizing a disciplined supplier evaluation and selection process that reduces subjectivity and improves performance.

get value

Get Value in your IT Marketplace

NET(net)'s Get Value Services focus on helping clients Get Value in their IT Marketplace, resulting in market best pricing and industry leading terms and conditions. We do this by leveraging our Federated Market Intelligence to benchmark your deals to market optimized conditions, by performing IT Optimization services to ensure deal permutations align to your organizational requirements, and by providing at the bargaining table negotiation assistance to improve client performance in supplier negotiations.

keep value

Keep Value in your Company

NET(net)'s Keep Value Services focus on a supplier performance management framework that utilizes an evidence-based approach to prevent value loss after the deal by proactively managing key contractual alerts to improve the performance and value of supplier agreements, key financial terms and conditions to improve the value of supplier investments, and key business metrics to reduce anecdotal disputes and improve the performance and value of supplier relationships.