Top 5 Ways to Save on Microsoft (THIS JUNE)

Steven Zolman
Jun. 12,2023 | Microsoft

Hey, it's June - and you know what that means; Microsoft's Fiscal Year-end.

In late June in the northern hemisphere, we experience the longest days of the year, with the most daylight. Isn't it ironic then that Microsoft's fiscal year-end is also in June, as it seems they would prefer to keep customers in the dark about how they can reduce costs on Microsoft with no diminution of business value.

Microsoft's most active month of the year for doing deals and renewals is June, and as a result, it is also the best time of the year to claim disproportionate value in your Microsoft agreements, investments, deployments, and relationships. 

Clients generally carefully consider Microsoft's volume licensing agreements and enter the agreement that best fits their needs, but that is simply playing Microsoft's game by their rules. There are literally dozens of more advanced ways to reduce cost and risk and maximize the realization of value and benefit.  

Here are 5 ways to save money on Microsoft that you should consider this June:

  1. Operations. Consider open-source solutions: Open-source solutions can be a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft software. For example, Linux can be used instead of Windows, and PostgreSQL can be used instead of SQL Server. Consider evaluating these alternatives to determine if they can meet your business needs and reduce costs.
  2. Productivity. Consider using alternative productivity suites: Microsoft Office Suite is the most commonly used productivity software suite, but there are alternative options that can be just as effective and less expensive, such as Google Workspace, LibreOffice, or Zoho Workplace. Consider evaluating these alternatives to determine if they can meet your business needs (at least for certain sub-segments of your user demographics) and reduce costs.
  3. Collaboration. Use free or low-cost alternatives for communication and collaboration tools: Microsoft Teams is a popular tool for communication and collaboration, but there are alternative options that can be just as effective and less expensive, such as Slack or Zoom. Consider evaluating these alternatives to determine if they can meet your business needs and reduce costs.
  4. Software Asset Management (SAM). Evaluate your software needs: Review the software you are currently using and determine if you need all of it. Many businesses purchase software that is not being fully utilized or is no longer necessary. Eliminating unnecessary software can help reduce costs.
  5. Optimize your Azure usage: If your business uses Microsoft Azure, make sure you optimize your usage to avoid paying for resources that are not being used. Azure offers a range of tools that can help you monitor and optimize your usage, such as Azure Advisor and Azure Cost Management. 

NET(net) Can Help:

Over the last 20 years, NET(net) has done thousands of Microsoft deals for clients of every size in virtually every industry and every geography at every stage of maturity. There is an 85% probability we can help you save between 13-53%. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save 13-53% on all your technology investments, including those with Microsoft.

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To successfully negotiate with Microsoft, you need (i) a federated view of the market to understand the art of the possible, (ii) substantial buy-side knowledge and subject matter expertise to develop a plan of action that overlays the potential opportunities for value capture onto your specific environment and use cases, including, but not limited to, your business requirements, your infrastructure, your user demographics, and your consumption patterns among other considerations, and (iii) deep supply-side commercial expertise to model the various deal permutations to demonstrate what actions offer the highest yield of savings and benefits. The ecosystem of LARs, VARs, and consultants are all motivated to maximize your costs and minimize your value, so you also need a fierce client advocate who shares your values to help you pay the lowest total amount to get the most amount of value. With NET(net), you get the right blend of technical, commercial, and contractual knowledge in a partner that is exclusively committed to you.  

NET(net) has the information you need, offers the experience you want, and delivers the performance you deserve to help you minimize cost and risk and maximize the realization of value and benefit. 

About NET(net)

Founded in 2002, NET(net) is the world’s leading IT Investment Optimization firm, helping clients find, get, and keep more economic and strategic value in their technology supply chains. Over the last 20 years, NET(net) has influenced trillions of investment, captured hundreds of billions of value, and has helped clients cost and value optimize XaaS, Cloud, Hardware, Software, Services, Healthcare, Outsourcing, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and other areas of IT spend. NET(net) has the experience you want, the expertise you need, and delivers the performance you demand and deserve. Contact us at, visit us online at, or call us at +1 (616) 546-3100 to see if we can help you capture more value in your IT investments, agreements, deployments, and relationships.

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