Speaking Engagements

Speaking EngagementsEngage a NET(net) Subject Matter Expert for Your Event

Recent and Upcoming NET(net) Executive Events:

  • March: CFO Conference, Private Equity, New York (speaker: Steven Zolman)
  • May: EMEA Corporate Group Conference (Private), London (speaker: Steven Zolman)
  • October: Private Equity CPO Conference, New Orleans (speaker: Steven Zolman)
  • October: Private Equity CIO Partner Conference, NYC (speaker: Steven Zolman)

NET(net)’s Subject Matter Experts each have over 25 years’ experience in selecting, negotiating, and optimizing technology suppliers and agreements.  While direct experience is a key attribute for any speaker, NET(net) is able to add an additional layer of insight with its Federated Market Intelligence gleaned from over 14 years of active SSM (Strategic Supplier Management):

  • 2,000 global clients
  • $200 Billion in incremental value achieved
  • Over $500 Million in agreements actively managed today via NET(net)’s proprietary WIN(win) platform

FMI enables NET(net) to provide evidence based analysis in its presentation of material and will work with you to capture the right message for your audience around almost any area of Technology Optimization.  Here is a small sample of subjects where we can provide an immediate impact to your event:

Find, Get and Keep Value:

  • Find Value: How to analyze, vet, and select suppliers
  • Get Value: How to negotiate and optimize deals
  • Keep Value: How to manage agreements, investments and relationships

Technology area and Supplier Specific Strategic Analysis

  • Software: IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Symantec, CA and more…
  • Hardware: Dell, Apple, IBM, HP, EMC and more…
  • Cloud and SaaS: Salesforce, Amazon, Google and more…
  • Outsourcing: Accenture, Wipro, CSC, Infosys and more…

Market Type:

  • Private Equity
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial

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