S.A.V.E program

(Spend Assessement - Value Extraction)

Are you being asked to reduce costs in your technology spend, but you’re just not sure where to look?

With this program, our Subject Matter Experts will perform a top down evaluation of your technology suppliers, and find the best opportunities for both short term and long term value. You get the benefit of ‘quick wins’ along with the security of long term spend optimization. The best part? The SAVE program is a ZERO SUM FEE structure. We don’t invoice anything until we have clearly identified savings opportunities in excess of our fees.


Identified savings in excess of $1M in first 90 days or no engagement fee


of top seven (7) spend categories in IT


and Execution


to Subject Matter Experts

Red Team: Spend Assessment

This is more than a simple top down review of your entire IT spend.  We are category experts, so we look at this comprehensive spend strategically, and leverage subject matter experts to dissect the Commercial, Contractual, and Relationship health of your strategic technology supply chain. While most firms will use a backward looking benchmark report or study, NET(net) deploys category experts into each area to completely understand the nature of your environment, assess and prioritize the opportunity for Value Extraction.

Black Team: Value Extraction

Once we have a complete understanding of where the money is going (and why) and where the opportunities are for material improvements - we put an immediate and long-term plan in place to 'extract' that value to help you minimize costs and risks, and maximize the realization of value and benefit.  This helps you get your IT Portfolio spend back in line and puts you back in the black.

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32%+ Savings

Client Avg. Savings

Zero Sum Fee

No Savings = No Fee