Federated Market Intelligence IT Global Intellectual Property

All too often, the buyer of new technology (software, hardware, etc.), is confronted with dozens of forms of legitimizing items: websites, printed documents, testimonials, multiple supplier contacts praising the subject matter of the purchase, etc. Each of these legitimizing items pushes the perceived value of the subject matter higher and higher.

These legitimizing items are worthless. They’re supplier-created propaganda specifically designed to promote and increase the supplier’s product values. In and of themselves, they do not have value that will serve the client in any way. At the end of the day, it’s just marketing hype.

Counteracting the legitimizing and anchoring technique is simple, once you know the trick: Federated Market Intelligence. Knowing what the market really pays for a particular item gives you the ability to ignore the marketing fluff, focus on whether the technology you want will deliver the solution you need and then keep you focused on paying based on your need, rather than the promoted—and usually inflated—marketing price.

Federated Market Intelligence is proprietary to NET(net) and reserved for our client negotiations. This wealth of historic, trending, and current IT spend data is an amalgamation of information we have built from managing more than 15,000 engagements, while serving the unique needs of more than 1,500 global clients across a spectrum of 250+ different technology suppliers. It’s a knowledge base built through negotiating similar deals over and over again. This database enables us to identify, quantify, and effectively remediate IT supplier agreements that are improperly structured, not inclusive of the most favorable terms and conditions, and not priced and valued effectively. It’s virtually impossible to find this resource within a buyer’s organization simply because most buyers only deal with a specific supplier, at most, a few times per year and don’t have visibility into the quantity of deals—across suppliers, industries, and geographic areas—necessary to assemble this type of data. This process has proven to be transformative, not merely incremental.

As a trusted partner helping clients capture more than $150 billion of incremental value in technology-related transactions, NET(net)’s institutional knowledge of the industry and insights of specific suppliers gives us the ability to provide you with unparalleled capabilities you can take into your next deal. Ask us to put our Federated Market Intelligence to work for you, and you’ll see firsthand how we routinely help our clients save well in excess of 33% on their most critical IT Supplier Investments.