Integrated Philanthropy

Philanthropy Giving Back

NET(net)'s greatest resource are its employees, who have families and live in communities that are all part of the world we share.  Our philosophy follows that if and when you are in a position to give back, then you should.

Below are two ways in which we give back - one is with our friends and clients, and the other is through a direct and integrated approach:

Client Feedback

Any client that provides us with feedback via one of our Client Satisfaction Surveys (found here) that we can use and share with the general public, we will donate $100 to their charity of choice (must be registered and non-profit).  In addition, we will allow the user to decide in what name the donation originates.  Click the contact us on the right of this page to learn more.

NET(net) Integrated Philanthropy Model:

1% Time
1% Profit
1% Revenue
NET(net) believes in working with employees and clients alike to invest in philanthropic and charitable interests. With this in mind, the company created an integrated philanthropy model, whereby it donates 1% of the collective time of the organization, 1% of annual company profit, and 1% of the company’s annual revenue to a variety of charitable organizations and philanthropic interests.