Global Capabilities Offices Throughout the World

NET(net) serves the global markets from offices in Europe, in the Americas, and in Asia, providing a “Big 4” international
presence with the response and agility of a fluid organization. This provides you with a more frictionless business partner that delivers faster realization of value, and enables your organization with the ability to navigate international waters and assurance that you’ll overcome legal, language, logistics, currency, cultural, and other hurdles.

NET(net) Global
NET(net) Global presence in Asia serves the unique needs of clients with significant APAC operations, helping them enhance the economic and strategic value of their key technology investments.

NET(net) Global, Asia
Phone +65 800.101.2839

NET(net) Global
NET(net) Global presence in Europe serves as an expert for the demands of European clientele.

NET(net) Global, Europe
Phone +44 800.015.6441

NET(net), Inc.
Baker Lofts Building
217 East 24th Street - Suite 010
Holland, MI 49423
Phone +1 616.546.3100
Toll Free +1

NET(net) Global SEZC Ltd.
68 West Bay Road
PO Box 10581, George Town
Grand Cayman KY1-1005
Cayman Islands
Phone +1 345.815.3928
Toll Free +1 866.203.8774

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