IT Optimization & Sustainability

Author: Steven Zolman

IT Optimization

There are three major components to consider when maximizing economic and strategic value in your agreements, investments and relationships.

They are:

• Your Company
• Your Suppliers
• And The Market

In your company, you’ll have needs, ambitions, organizational objectives, priorities, budgets, capabilities, infrastructure, and demographics that are all unique to you.

In your technology supply chain, suppliers will have their own goals and ambitions, and will have strong incentives to promote their innovations, highlight their capabilities, sell their wares, and position their eco-system partners.

In the market, you’ll find general opportunities to lower costs and automate your business, to capitalize on first mover market advantages, to find solutions for special projects for specific markets, industries, and geographies, and you’ll be subject to certain limitations and regulatory requirements.

At NET(net), we’ve built a comprehensive service model to help our Clients:

• Find Value in their IT Supply Chain
• Get Value in their IT Marketplace
• And Keep Value in their Company

We did this to help our Clients build long-term sustainability as this cannot be achieved without creating an operating environment that carefully synthesizes the very best efforts of all these elements.

How do we do this?

• We help Clients find maximum value in their IT supply chain through opportunity analysis, social vetting of supplier alternatives, and a disciplined supplier evaluation and selection process that reduces subjectivity and risk, and improves quality and performance.

• We help Clients get optimal value in their IT marketplace by leveraging our federated market intelligence, performing IT optimization activities, and providing decision support and supplier negotiations assistance in the deal making, deal structuring, and contracting processes.

• We help Clients keep that value in their Company by strategically managing their suppliers proactively with supplier performance management across their agreements, their investments, and their relationships.

IT Sustainability

Those things that are good between your suppliers and the market, although they may be bearable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for your company. Those things that are good between the market and your company, although they may be viable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for your suppliers. Those things that are good between your company and your suppliers, although they may be equitable, they’re not sustainable if they’re not also good for the market.

NET(net) focuses on helping Clients build sustainability that takes the very best of all these elements. In the end, this model has proven to help our Clients reduce the costs to serve the business by 40%, and has dramatically improved strategic value and supplier performance.

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